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Inspection Mirror

Vehicle Inspection Mirror
Vehicle Inspection Mirror
Vehicle inspection mirrors in 7 different models. Durable adjustable handle extendable to 45". Available with tripod ball bearing caster wheels, lights and flat or convex lens. Lighted inspection mirror models available. 3-1/2" ground clearance.
Telescoping Inspection Mirror
Telescoping Inspection Mirror
Telescoping inspection mirror with heavy duty adjustable handle from 4 1/2 feet to 13 feet. 12" shatterproof lens available in round convex or flat mirror. Ideal for overhead use. Easily disassembles for storage. Extremely Durable Anodized Aluminum Construction. Comfortable grip.

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Inspection Mirrors Are Used by the TSA, Military, Port Authorities, DOT's & Vehicle Inspection Stations

We are the preferred inspection mirror supplier to many governmental agencies and Armed Forces.  We have models with telescoping handles, lights, wheels, and shatterproof lenses. All models are in stock and most will ship the same day or next business day.

Make the task of inspecting hard to reach areas much easier with an inspection mirror.  These devices make it easy to maneuver underneath and overhead objects for a clear view of a specific area or object.

The detachable lens is constructed of shatterproof acrylic with an extruded rubber rim to prevent damage to the mirror and the objects being inspected.  A round convex mirror is curved providing a wider view of the targetd area whereas the flat lens is completely flat allowing for more of a one to one reflection.

The handles are made of anodized aluminum for a lightweight yet extremely durable design with built in adjustability for desired length. All versions breakdown for portability and storage. The vehicle inspcetion mirror is a durable yet extremely light weight device for the inspection of vehicle under carriages, machinery, or any problematic area. Lighted inspection mirrors are useful for applications where low light conditions exist.

A telescoping handle like the one used on the truck inspection mirror will extend out to 13 feet which allows for the inspection of containers, trucks, rail cars, boats, roofs, gutters and other areas where a long extension handle is needed.  


Our vehicle hand held mirrors are lightweight and easy to use when inspecting the undercarriages of most any vehicle regardless if its a Humvee, rail car, tractor trailer, or a passenger car. All of our models can be used as a vehicle inspection mirror to check underneath vehicles or they can be used to inspect the top of unreachable areas. We have models equipped with a lightweight aluminum handle adjustable from 33” to 45”. You can select our telescoping models with lights and wheels, convex mirror lens, flat lens or combinations of these models.

  • Shatterproof Acrylic 12” mirror available in round convex or flat lens
  • Available with tripod ball bearing caster wheels, allowing for effortless movement and full range of motion
  • Low 3.5” ground clearance
  • Lens has adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment
  • Lightweight adjustable handle to 45”
  • Heavy duty extruded rubber rim to prevent objects from being damaged
  • Available with removable flashlight
  • Weighs 8-10 lbs based on model selected

Our 8” mini inspection mirror is great for tight or confined areas. The lens is an 8” convex mirror attached to a super lightweight 40” handle. The mirror head is equipped with an adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment.  Weighs less than 3 lbs.

  • Shatterproof Acrylic 8” convex mirror with adjustable swivel for full adjustment
  • 40” lightweight handle
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs

Our truck mirrors are ideal for inspecting the tops of tractor trailers, buses, rail cars, trucks and other hard to reach areas. Many companies and individuals use these solely for the inspection of gutters and roofing areas. Our telescoping inspection mirrors offer a fast, easy way to determine if servicing is needed before you climb a ladder.

  • Lightweight and adjustable from 4' to 13'
  • 12” mirror available in round convex of flat lens
  • Weighs 5 lbs
  • Mirror is removable for easy storage

Ships out of our mid-west warehouses in 1 business day via UPS/FedEx ground. Larger quantities will ship via tractor trailer. Expedited shipping available.  If you need help selecting an inspection mirror to fit your needs or would like to order by phone please give us a call.