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Convex Mirrors For Safety Mirror and Security Mirror Use To Prevent Accidents and Deter Theft.

A convex mirror comes in many different shapes and sizes offering simple yet effective solutions to your safety & security concerns.

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Convex Mirrors

Convex mirror for safety & security mirror use. Indoor and outdoor models available in glass, acrylic and unbreakable mirrors. 160 degree view in round convex and rectangular convex shapes.

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Inspection Mirrors

Inspection mirror for under carriage and overhead inspections of vehicles, machinery, trucks roofs, etc. Telescoping handles made of light weight yet rugged aluminum for quick adjustments.

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Dome Mirrors

Dome mirror available in 360 degree, 180 degree & 90 degree views. Full dome, half dome and corner dome mirror made in the USA. Acrylic & unbreakable lens for indoor & outdoor panoramic dome use.

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Industrial Mirrors

Industrial mirror for washroom, and monitoring use. Stainless steel heavy duty frame with a flat mirror available in glass, acrylic and stainless steel mirrors. Locking flush or adjustable swivel mount. Provides a non distorted reflective image.

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Elevator Mirrors

Elevator mirrors available in stainless steel vandal resistant, easy mount dome and round convex mirror. Elevator mirrors are now required in many states to reduce crime & provides security for patrons. This blind spot mirror will eliminate unwanted surprises.

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Forklift Mirrors

Truck mirrors for forklift, construction vehicle & bus for use as a rearview mirror. Excellent blind spot mirror to increase visibility and avoid collisions in warehouses and commercial locations. Available in glass & shatterproof acrylic lens.

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All of our convex safety mirrors are made in the USA with quality materials and pride, and ship from our midwestern facility. Most items ship in 1-2 business days. We offer expedited shipping and can also ship on your FedEx or UPS account - just contact us between 8AM-5PM EST Mon-Fri.

If you need help determining the right convex mirror for your specific situation we can help! View any of our informative product videos throughout the website, browse our web and resource pages or simply give us a call to further discuss your needs.

A safety mirror and security mirror will eliminate issues caused by lack of visibility in blind spot areas. A safety mirror is available in convex mirror and dome mirror form and are most often used to view oncoming traffic around driveways, dangerous intersections and wharehouses. Safety mirrors have either an acrylic shatterproof or unbreakable lens to help prevent injury in the event of an impact. Safety mirrors can be wall or ceiling mounted and angled in a manner to clearly see the desired viewing area. A security mirror is an effective device to monitor sensitive areas that are hard to see and can be utilized for theft prevention and general surveillance.

A security mirror can work well in production areas and offices to better manage machinery or employee productivity. Whether you need a dome security mirror to cover a blind spot in your warehouse, an unbreakable convex mirror for hazardous traffic situations, or an inspection mirror to inspect hard to reach areas, safety mirrors offer low cost solutions to problems that can be expensive if left unattended. A convex mirror has a curved surface with a special reflective film.

Convex mirrors are useful to view objects at a distance. Most are round but rectangular configurations are also available which give a wider scope of the monitored area. Retail and convenience stores utilize a convex mirror to assist with visibility in blind spot areas for loss prevention. An outdoor convex mirror is used by homeowners and businesses to view oncoming traffic as a driveway mirror. Industrial facilities and offices prefer a convex mirror for loading docks, warehouses and hallways to avoid collisions rom both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. A vehicle inspection mirror is an extremely useful hand held device for quick and easy inspections of cars, trucks, machinery and military vehicles.

Our inspection mirror is constructed of light weight durable aluminum and have a 12" round shatterproof convex acrylic lens. The telescoping inspection mirror can extend out to 13'. A lighted inspection mirror will enable vision in dark areas such as vehicle under carriages.

Dome security mirrors are economical security devices which provide excellent theft deterrence and traffic flow visibility in intersecting hallways, entrance ways, and store aisles. They are available in full, half and quarter dome mirrors. Available in a variety of diameters in either an acrylic or unbreakable lens for the ultimate in durability.