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Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror
Acrylic Convex Mirrors
Acrylic convex mirrors are shatterproof and light weight. Excellent choice for a safety mirror & security mirror for accident & theft prevention. Perfect solution for outdoor driveways and traffic safety
Unbreakable Mirror with Duramir Lens
Unbreakable Convex Mirror
Convex mirror with the Duramir unbreakable lens. Now featuring a superior polycarbonate lens. Beautiful reflection and unmatched strength . Preferred by schools, hospitals, prisons, governmental & care facilities.
Glass Convex Mirror
Glass Convex Mirrors
Glass mirrors offer superior reflection properties, unmatched scratch and chemical resistance compared to other convex mirrors. A great safety mirror for doctors offices, salons, labs and upscale retail shops.

Convex Mirrors For Indoor & Outdoor Use Offered In Glass, Unbreakable And Acrylic Convex Lens

convex mirrorsConvex Mirrors are excellent, cost effective products in preventing problems that many managers and business owners face:  theft and work-place accidents.  All of our mirrors are proudly made in the USA and are made with high quality craftsmanship.

If you are a business owner or manager, two fears that might be keeping you awake at night are work-related accidents and potential store theft.  At MirrorPros, we firmly believe that our products are a cost effective way to avoid injuries and deter theft.

Whatever your convex mirror needs may be; an outdoor convex mirror for traffic and driveway safety, an indoor mirror for store security, a spot in your store where your field of vision is blocked, or any facilities where accidents are likely to happy, we can simplify the process and help you choose the right safety mirror at the best price available.  Round, circular, rectangular, in a large selection of sizes, our selection is the best around.  If you need to buy a mirror, shop around and come back to MirrorPros and you will see how competitive our pricing really is.  Other sellers beware: our customers love our pricing and customer service.

Common uses for convex mirrors

Shopping store or other retail location:

Security mirrors act as surveillance devices by allowing a store clerk, for example, to see activity in areas that are suspect to theft.  They perform another job by deterring theft.  When a potential thief knows a store clerk can watch their every move, from the entrance of the shop to a concealed location in the back, they will second guess what they were about to do.  By installing a mirror in a spot that is blocked by walls or shelving, an employee can now monitor areas that are targets for would be shoplifters.

No more paying for expensive surveillance videos, simply mount a convex mirror at a height where the reflection in the mirror provides an overall view of your store and help prevent crime. 

Security Mirror:

Convex mirrors are also used for security in outdoor locations, such as gas stations to assist the attendant with turning on the pump for fill ups as well as watching for drive offs or other crimes.  Rugged models are weather resistant and will tolerate harsh weather conditions, such as snow, rain or extreme heat.

Safety in the WorkPlace:

Preventing a work-place injury is often an overlooked issue, until it is too late.  The adjustable mounting brackets, wide angle lenses, and different install options provide panoramic visibility in dangerous intersections, around corners and blind drives to prevent that accident before it ever happens.  The dome mirror is actually a type of convex mirror.  Mounting in a corner or on the ceiling, the spherical shape provides a larger viewing area than a flat mirror can offer.

Outdoor driveway mirrors are a low cost approach to resolving sight line issues while pulling out into fast moving traffic, around parking garages, and apartment communities.

Mounted indoors, on a wall or hallway, these mirrors are ideal in offices, hospitals, warehouse, or other commercial environments to prevent work related injuries in dangerous intersections or trouble spots.

Schools have a variety of uses for these mirrors as well.  Many school systems have strategically placed mirrors in a playground so teachers can see the entire playground area.  Prisons also install safety mirrors, allowing officers to clearly see areas that may have once been obscured. 

Truck and bus drivers have installed the convex mirror on the back of their buses so the can virtually see images behind them.  A full sized mirror will allow the driver to have eyes in areas they could not see before.

Types of Lenses

A popular lens material because it provides a nice reflection while less expensive, lighter, and does not break or shatter like glass.  Acrylic is not considered shatterproof but is harder to break than glass.  Although it is tough, care must be taken with your acrylic convex mirror to ensure the lens material does not scratch.

Glass Lens:
Another great option and the best choice if you are looking for the most crystal clear reflection of an image available and will typically eliminate any image distortion.  The glass we use is thick and will not break easily, however, we recommend only placing glass security mirrors where there's not much risk of breakage or where breakage might cut someone.  Glass convex mirrors are commonly used inside office buildings, courtrooms and other areas where vandalism risk is reduced.  Of the lens types we carry, glass tends to be the heaviest to mount, but will provide the clearest image available.

Mirrorpros is proud to be the exclusive provider or the Duramir line of unbreakable safety and security mirrors.  The durable Duramir is a lens type that's virtually indestructible, won't shatter, won't break, and won't crack. The Duramir now features a superior polycarbonate lens. We feel the Duramir is the best convex mirror choice due to the fact it is suitable for all environments.

The acrylic and Duramir line of lens materials are great choices for traffic safety programs. Outdoor convex mirrors are most often placed along streets, driveways and loading docks to control accidents.

The convex mirror has a swivel arm and bracket that allows for proper angle adjustment in order to clearly view oncoming traffic. Outdoor convex mirrors are equipped with either a heavy duty plastic backing material or galvanized steel to withstand most weather conditions.

Choosing The Right Diameter Convex Mirror

Determining the proper diameter convex mirror to use is one of the most important factors to consider.

What size mirror should I get?  The industry accepted rule of thumb for sizing a convex mirror is this simple formula: 1 inch of mirror equals 1 foot of sightline, from where you will be looking at the mirror. Contributing factors are vision, light, and vehicle speed if utilizing an outdoor convex mirror in driveway and traffic applications.

At MirrorPros we like to refer to convex mirrors as the workhorse in a safety mirror or security mirror program because of their versatility.  As a matter of fact, our most popular inspection mirror features a convex mirror on the end of it. They are ideal because of the of the different sizes, lens materials, and backing type you, making them an ideal addition to any safety program in any location.