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Handheld inspections are mostly used by security personnel to inspect the undercarriages of automobiles all over the world.  The line of products we carry at MirrorPros are the same high-quality, American Made inspection mirrors used by countless government agencies across the US.  Simple and lightweight, inspections us this mirror, attached to a telescopic pole, to look for hidden devices or materials under a car.

insepection mirror for guttersWhile this is by far the most common use of a handheld inspection mirror, every so often we come across, and you learn new ways our customers are using these products.  A few years ago we were working with a pest control company out of Arizona.  This company wanted an inspection mirror to aid their workers out in the field inspecting homes for pasts. A common problem that many of them face is inspecting gutters. There are a lot of critters that hide in your gutters that you may never know about. This specific manager I spoke to told me on several occasions people in the field have reached their hands up inside of a gutter to come out with a large spider, rats, and once, even a A snake. Luckily, this was a nonvenomous snake.

The product this customer ended up purchasing from us was a handheld truck inspection mirror.  The truck inspection mirror has a telescopic pole that with a simple twist extends up to 20 feet.  Depending on the gutter or roof height, the inspector telescopes the pole and looks at the convex mirror at the other in to look down into the contents of the gutter.  Not only does this save them a tremendous amount of time, not having to set up and move set up and move a ladder, it allows them to quickly scan the exterior of the home more efficiently, and safely.

Now, this pest control company uses it throughout its franchises and offers it’s inspectors the use of this mirror. carries the best handheld inspection mirrors available in the market today.  While there are others out there, none compare to the quality and craftsmanship of the mirrors that we carry.
For more information about our inspection mirror please call us at 800-366-7235 or email us at
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it  ever was, especially when talking about theft versus theft prevention.  Theft is something all retail owners and managers simply have to deal with. Our job is to understand the fifth will occur, but do what we can to minimize it.   Although surveillance systems have their place in any staffed prevention, or security program, products that will be turned crime will save you money in the long run. Just about any store owner will tell you they would much rather prevent the crime from ever happening.

While surveillance platforms often have their place, the facts are, that for many small business owners they are cost prohibitive. Not only do you have to deal with the cost of the equipment itself, your also faced with installation fees, maintenance fees, potential programming fees, and the day-to-day operation.  You also have to have somebody who can operate this equipment and make sure it is running correctly.

Almost any small business owner would tell you that in most cases after theft has occurred, they variably rarely have ever recovered the money or lost goods.  The surveillance footage may help the police find the culprit and prevent future fast but the facts are the products or money or simply lost.

What theft deterrence do, our attempts to prevent the crime before it even happens.   In my opinion, one of the best theft deterrents available are basic convex mirrors. These products are cost effective, easy to install, and serve a variety of purposes. By simply mounting a convex mirror in shop corners above isles, potential fees know that they are potentially being monitored.   Knowing that a store clerk can easily see them anywhere within the store may be just enough to deter them from stealing from you.
Unlike expensive surveillance platforms, these security mirrors are simple to install and do not have to be done by a professional. Simply mail these mirrors with the included mounting brackets and that’s basically all you need to do. There is no ongoing maintenance, no training involved, or no programming needed.  Convex mirrors are the most versatile security mirror available on the market. To see our large selection of convex mirrors with the variety of lens types in a backing materials, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we would be happy to assist.

The amazing Duramir! I know it’s a cliché, business owners and marketing gurus always talking about, and promoting, their product as the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I never thought the day would come where my natural cynicism would play a back seat to an amazing product we have at  Believe me when I say I would not use the word amazing unless I really believed it.

With that said I really want to tell you about a product we have at, our exclusive security and safety mirror named Duramir. This is a virtually indestructible lens material ideal in situations where breakage may occur or in areas where you cannot afford for any type of breakage to occur.

The material used in our unbreakable lenses is essentially the same type of material used in 2L Coke bottles.  Simmer down you chemists out there.  While you may disagree, and rightly so, as far as the majority of us are concerned, that’s the case.   But don’t let that fool you. With a high shine that provides an excellent reflection, the Duramir lens is magnificent is a great alternative to expensive polycarbonate or the heavy and expensive stainless steel.  Rather than simply tell people this material is virtually unbreakable, I didn’t want to say that to you without testing it first.

The first thing he did was place a convex Duramir mirror on the ground and have Matt, who is significantly lighter than me, jump up-and-down on the lens. It did not break. Then I decided to jump up-and-down on the convex lens. It did not break-wow. Next we mounted the convex mirror to a wall similar to the way a small business would mount this mirror as a security or safety device. I took a hammer and started pounding away.  It did not break.  Next it was time for a test many called us crazy for doing.
We place this convex Duramir under a truck and had it rollover over it. To all our astonishment it did not break.  To be completely transparent, the outer gasket holding the lens to the backing did break. But in all fairness that’s an extraordinary amount of pressure rolling over this convex mirror. Unless you intend to have a convex mirror with cars and trucks completely running over it, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.  After all of these test, we finally decided now is the time for the ultimate test… we gave the mirror to some kids to let them play with it.    Kids jumping and playing on it; bike nor scooter could break the will of this tough security mirror lens.
See Our Duramir Testing Video:

If you were to use this mirror as a safety or security mirror, whether it’s in a convex mirror or a dome mirror, I highly doubt that it will have to ensure near the regulars we put it through.  However, many security mirrors will endure some form of harsh treatment. Because this lens will not break easily or shatter. It is great to use environments where shattered or broken glass could harm people. Hospitals, prisons, and day care centers are just a few examples of places were broken or shards of glass or acrylic could be very detrimental.  In areas where vandalism may occur, you simply won’t find a better all-around mirror lens to use.

 The door mirror is lightweight, and cost-effective compared to a popular alternative like polycarbonate.  Stainless steel is a very popular alternative, but it is definitely more expensive and heavier.
Don’t take my word for it, take a couple of minutes to watch this video that shows some of the tests we put this mirror through.   Better yet, if you need a tough security or safety Merrick give the door mirror a try. We carry a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that means if you’re not completely happy with this product it’s very easy for you to return it.
We have specialists at mirror pros who can help you pick the right mirror for your application. We will help you pick the lens material, the right backing type, and mounting hardware to ensure you have the product that best fits your needs. Please do not hesitate to call or email us and we would be happy to assist.

I am really proud to say that I take a lot of pride in the fact that all of our security and safety mirrors are manufactured right here in the United States.  There are as many people say advantages to having products made in the United States.  Some of the most obvious comments are that you’re supporting the American workforce, creating jobs, supporting the economy. For me, one of the biggest reasons as a small business owner is that these products are clearly higher-quality then what are typically found overseas.

Acrylic Convex Mirror in Office

Acrylic Convex Mirror in Office

A lot of this is not evident when you look at products online. Recently I ordered samples from manufacturers in India, China, Hong Kong kind of, and other countries.  Not only where the materials used of lesser quality than their American-made counterparts, the craftsmanship was less than to be desired.  When you are spending money on products like security and safety mirrors, you expect this product to last a a while. I can tell you that some of these import type products won’t indoor the rigors of an outdoor environment, for example.

When purchasing a security mirror, here’s a few things you need to check for:
  • When looking at the lens type, ask how thick the material is.  For acrylic, manufacturer’s will try to shave a few dollars off their cost by using very thin acrylic which will be prone to breaking or tearing.  Our convex and dome mirrors use a thicker type of acrylic than most manufacturers will use.
  • The gasket around the rim.  In my opinion, this is mandatory.  Make sure your mirror has a good gasket, rubber is best, to protect the mirror against and bumps.  It will also help keep moisture and other elements out.
  • How it the gasket sealed.  Some manufacturers will only use staples.  We recommend that the gasket is attached with a high quality glue at a minimum.
  • Mounting mechanism: does the mirror have any sort of mounting mechanism and what is the quality of the mounting hardware.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it’s the minimum amount of things you need to look for.  Rest assured, all the mirrors sold at MirrorPros meet or exceed these minimum requirements.  Like always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we would be happy to help.  You can also visit our security mirror category in our store to see some of the products we feature.

Curved Security Mirror

Curved Security Mirror

One of the things that makes convex mirrors or any other security mirror attractive to business owners is they are great crime deterrents for a fraction of the cost of surveillance cameras, security guards, etc. Not only does a well positioned security convex mirror allow store clerks to have complete views of their store, the simple fact that potential thieves can see the mounted mirror will make them second guess actually stealing something.   Take a look at this mounted security zone.   If you are a clerk you get a bird’s eye view of all the aisles in the store.  A thief will look up and see this mirror as well and know they are being viewed.  Wouldn’t you have a second thought?

Virtually every business owner would tell you they would rather prevent theft rather than catch a criminal after the fact.  In most cases the damage has already been done.  These security mirrors do just that, they help deter crime.  MirrorPros has found that many small business owners are pairing security mirrors with high-end fake security cameras, such as theFake Security Camera one featured to the right.  Just like a well-place security mirror, this fake security camera will deter crime by making a potential criminal think twice about potential crime they are about to create.  When you put both the security camera and the convex mirror together, any potential their will believe they are being seen by the mirror and recorded by the cameras.    At less than $50 USD, these fake security cameras by are extremely realistic because they are made from actual outdoor camera housings.  These are the same camera housings that surveillance systems would have in their network of cameras.   The convex mirror with an acrylic lens and hardboard backing (as shown in the image on the left) will run you  $35-$170 USD depending on the size of mirror you want.

In this article I highlighted using the convex mirror alongside a fake security camera.  Many of our customers will use the fake security cameras in many different locations.  Outside posted over the back door is a great way to emulate surveillance monitoring the back area.  Are you being subjected to vandalism?  I would almost guarantee you that these vandals would think twice if they thought they were being monitored by a surveillance camera.

There are many combinations and ways to mix these low-cost security solutions to provide effective crime deterrents for your business.   If you want to learn more about the products I mentioned in this article or want to learn about other options, please call our security specialist anytime at 800-366-7235 or email us at


Dome Security Mirror Information

Dome Security Mirror Information

“Saving money” is  a cliche most small business owners are tired of hearing.  I mean, what sales rep doesn’t use that to get their foot in the door, then to find it the cost savings really isn’t there.  The problem with most of these sales pitches is the underlying product simply doesn’t save the business owner money.  More often that not there’s a small business case made around the product but frankly speaking, you never really needed the product in the first place.

If you are a business owner, there are usually two issues that might keep you awake at night and those are employee safety and loss prevention.  Theft is a no brain-er right?  Someone steals from you, you have lost money.  This is obvious from the plethora of theft prevention products available in the market place today.  Safety, the same thing.  The thing about employee safety is that losses suffered by business owners can devastate a business.  Workers comp insurance is super expensive.  If you have a serious accident at your business and you did not provide basic precautions to prevent that accident, the financial ramifications can make theft look like a blip on the radar.

So when we talk about products that can save your money, we mean it.  A convex mirror or dome mirror are true cost effective ways to not only deter theft, loss prevention, but also go a long way to help avoid accidents at your workplace.

The picture to the left is a dome mirror, specifically a half dome mirror.  Mounted at the intersection of the wall and ceiling, these mirrors provide a wide angle view of an area.  From a safety perspective, it is easy to imagine how useful this would be where hallways intersect.  For years I worked in a restaurant and I cannot tell you how many accidents in the kitchen could have been avoided with this simple safety mirror.  On a larger scale, this mirror would be a perfect tool to help prevent injuries in a warehouse that uses heavy equipment like a forklift, pallet jack, or other heavy machines.

For loss prevention, think of a store clerk having a larger view of the store by using a half dome mirror like the one pictured above.  Now, hidden angles are no longer hidden.  Not only does this give the clerk the ability to see areas previously hidden, the potential crook knows they may be seen…you can see me, I can see you!  Dome mirrors are available in full domes, offering a 360 degree view, half dome mirrors, offering a 180 degree view, and quarter dome mirrors, offering a 90 degree view.

Although I have only mentioned dome mirrors in this article, round convex mirrors may also serve a similar purpose.  Similar to dome mirrors, the convex curve of the mirror lens itself offers a wider view of an area, more than the standard flat mirror will offer.

For more information about these mirrors and help with deciding on what mirror will best fit your specific situation, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 800-366-7265 or email us at

Every time you pull out of the parking lot at a mall, you see these big convex shaped mirrors. These mirrors are for your own safety. They work on a very simple physics principle. This is perhaps the cheapest way for security at different places.

Mirrors are often assumed to be made only from glass. Hence the fear of it breaking is always there. With advanced research over the years, you now have acrylic mirrors. These are durable and sturdy. They do not break upon impact very easily. Probably if a truck runs over it or the world’s strongest man punches it, it might just have a crack on it. There are also metal based mirrors made from highly polished steel or stainless steel. These mirrors do not break very easily as metals are malleable. But if repeatedly damaged, it may look like a piece from a broken disco ball.

There are many kinds of security mirrors. Here are a few of them for the best safety solution.

  1. Convex mirrors:
  2. Tinted mirrors: You might have come across these mirrors in movies. You see the detective interrogating a criminal; the other detectives stand behind the mirror and watch the interrogation. This is not exactly a mirror, but normal glass coated with a mirrored tint. These are used for security purposes in different places like police departments, offices, etc…
  3. Inspection mirrors: At a security check point you see a guard with a little trolley like apparatus with a mirror facing upwards at the bottom of it. These mirrors help the guard check for any suspicious materials or items under the car like a bomb, etc… This is the easiest and fastest way for a security check.
  4. Dome mirrors: Dome mirrors are the most efficient type of security mirrors. There are three basic kinds of dome mirrors depending on the necessity:
    1. Full dome mirrors: these mirrors provide a full 360° panoramic view. Full dome mirrors help you in cross intersections, or large hallways.
    2. Half dome mirrors: Half domes provide a 180° angle view. This allows you to have a clear view at ‘T’ junctions.
    3. Quarter dome mirrors: These mirrors have a 90° viewing angle. At ‘L’ turns, this mirror gives you enough viewing for your safety.
  5. Flat panel mirrors: These mirrors can be mounted in various places including the ceiling. The idea of having this mirror is to have a closer look of things in a subtle way.

Although security mirrors have their cons, the pros are that they are cheaper and do not use any electricity. Unlike security cameras, mirrors are easier to install and easiest to use. No worries of cables running around the office space or home. Just mount it be safe and free.


Leo: A physics teacher and technology addict. Works as a part time content writer and blogger for financial websites dealing with various problems like ppi claims, credit debts etc…

Convex safety mirrorHome security is very important in every home or any establishments in order to ensure the safety and protection of the people inside as well as your possessions or properties. These days, crime rate is rapidly increasing due to poverty and many other factors. Thus, it would be great if everyone will have their own home security in order lessen crime incidences.

On the other hand, having your own home security is not easy because it is quite expensive. Many of you may think that having home security means hiring security guards, purchasing and installing surveillance cameras, and others. Having one of these security system is not easy because you have to invest high cost of money in order to have one.

With this, there are already number great options or alternatives which you can choose from in order for your home and properties secured and protected. One of the effective ways which you can do to eliminate postal theft with convex mirror is to install this type of mirror.

Convex mirror have several uses today wherein many of these uses were for security purposes such as eliminate postal theft with convex mirror. Compared to standard mirror, convex mirror can make the objects appear smaller which allow wider viewpoint of the entire place or area. In fact, it is a great security device that most of business and establishments uses especially to eliminate postal theft with convex mirror.

At home, one of the most important areas or place which you have to provide protection and security is your mailbox. With the usage of convex, it is now possible for you to protect and secure your mails and eliminate postal theft with convex mirror. Since convex mirror is durable, you can install it outside or in areas where the reflection of the area of mailbox can be seen in the mirror. Through this, you will now be able to reduce or eliminate postal theft with convex mirror.

You need to keep your home safe especially your mailbox because you might have important mails. Postal theft is rampant these days because thieves know that there might be important things you value in the mailbox – which include important documents, money, and other things. By means of using convex mirror, it is now possible for you to look over your mailbox eliminate postal theft with convex mirror.

Convex mirror have seen as an effective way of home and business security. In addition with this, you can install it indoor or outdoor in order to have full security system. It is not expensive, thus you can afford to purchase one. One of the best ways to do in order to eliminate postal theft with convex mirror is for you to keep close watch on the areas where they are placed.

This type of mirror is affordable and custom-made that provide amazing and visibility for you which you can mount or install on areas which you think needs more security and protection. It is much cheaper than having or installing security or surveillance camera. It is an affordable and effective way to eliminate postal theft with convex mirror because most of them offered in the market were designed in order to provide ultimate or maximum security and protection.

Ensuring security is one of the most important things that people consider. In fact, there are several ways which people do in order to make sure that all things are on place, and also prevent crimes and even accidents.

One of the best security devices that people use in order to prevent cul du sac accidents by installing convex mirrors. Convex mirror have several uses wherein many of this is for the security purposes. This type of mirror is also very effective in helping drivers while they are on the road in order to prevent cul du sac accidents by installing convex mirrors. It can make the objects smaller compared to its original size, this provide larder or wider viewpoint. The version convex mirrors were commonly found in several vehicles.

Convex mirror are also known as the diverging mirrors for the reason that if the light reflected off the mirror, the rays then move on opposite directions. It is widely used in order for the behind cars be more visible because the images that convex mirror produce were virtual yet still upright. The image that you see in the rearview mirror of your car scaled differently but the image will not flip upside down. In fact, this kind of mirror works in two ways. It can reflect in parallel rays of the light like it scattered in different directions. However, it can take the light that is coming from different directions then reflect these lights in order for it to become parallel. This second way or method is used for car rearview mirrors.

Convex mirror has benefits offered to the drivers such as prevent cul du sac accidents by installing convex mirrors. Having convex rearview mirror will allow the drivers to have clear view for the reason that this kind of mirror can provide greater or larger or wider viewpoint by means of scaling down objects that it reflect. Compared to the flat mirrors that show the object on its exact distance as well as size, the convex mirror can show the real image as well as invert images. That is why convex mirrors can provide the best and great upright range of the vision for the drivers.

Convex mirror is indeed very beneficial. It does not only serve as a security device for home, business, and other establishments, but it is also very effective and efficient as a rearview mirror in order to prevent cul du sac accidents by installing convex mirrors. It will the drivers see a wider view of the road in order for them to avoid any unwanted happenings.

With all the benefits that this kind of mirror offers, there is no doubt why there already several people who are using products that utilizes convex mirror. There are already several available products offered in the market because of its high demand. Convex mirror is indeed an effective anti-crime and anti-accident tool that everyone can use in order to provide and ensure safety, security, and protection. Products which utilizes convex mirror are affordable compared to other products of its type. With convex mirror, it is now possible for everyone to ensure safety and security.

Convex mirrors are a mall store’s first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. Each of these mirrors is capable of increasing the visibility in aisles as well as eliminating blind spots. In addition, these are also excellent when used as safety mirror to prevent accidents in industrial intersections. The use of these mirrors against any other types is more pronounced since they are lightweight, almost perfect convexing, fade-proof, and nearly unbreakable for its top-quality silvering that provides any establishment with the widest angle in visibility.

Advantages of Using Convex Mirrors

Outdoor mirrors must be manufactured only from top quality materials since they must be durable enough to combat many elements, either caused by man or nature. But the popular uses of convex mirrors are due to the following reasons:

  • Convex mirrors are a mall store’s first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage.
  • It increases area visibility
  • Eliminates areas’ blind spots
  • Prevents accidents in industrial intersections
  • Easy installation
  • Hardware needed are included
  • Shatter resistant
  • Low distortion
  • Provides excellent visibility
  • Bracket included

Since convex mirrors are a mall store’s first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage, it is just right that you will be able to use the appropriate one for your business given a wide variety of these types of mirrors in the market. You can use wide view security convex mirrors for indoors. These are designed for intersections with high traffic and blind access to major aisles.  Distribution centers and warehouses are best protected with these mirrors where high stacks of racks as well as storage aisles and blind exits outfits the area. These types of convex mirrors are manufactured by combining standard convex with mirrored dome, thus providing a curvature in mirror with wider view. You can get a 30 to 35 feet viewing range in both directions from this type of convex mirror.

Convex detection mirrors are a retail store’s first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. They are also good as safety or preventive mirrors that are aimed in preventing business intersection accidents. Mirrors are fade-proof, lightweight as well as unbreakable with high quality silvering. Additional weatherproofing is also available for outdoor mirror. They are in all aspects better compared to glass. The mirror provides 20% brighter result in mirrors than glass with less distortion. This means that you will be provided with optical image which is far more superior to glass. These come in either acrylic or stainless-steel lenses and virtually are impossible to break, perfect for theft-prone areas. You will be provided with lightweight and longer lasting defense against extreme weather impact. Convex mirrors are available for outdoor and indoor application where there is a great need for traffic control, area protection, as well as traffic equipment.

Both indoor and outdoor models of these mirrors come in different sizes that will provide you with wide view or just the right range of view you require and are all weatherproof. So when high winds blow and extreme heat and rain are experienced, your convex mirrors will be able to withstand all that. Convex detection mirrors are a retail store’s first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage for the wide angle view they provide, allowing you to see corners and prevent dangerous collisions and accidents.