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Vehicle Inspection Mirror

P-120IM-B MirrorPros

Standard vehicle inspection mirror with circular convex lens.


  • 12" shatterproof acrylic convex lens with adjustable swivel
  • Heavy duty rim to prevent the damaging of objects
  • Adjustable light weight handle from 33" to 45"
  • 3 lbs

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P-120FIM-B MirrorPros

Standard vehicle inspection mirror with round flat lens.


  • 12" shatterproof circular flat lens with adjustable swivel
  • Heavy duty rim to prevent the damaging of objects
  • Adjustable light weight handle from 33" to 45"
  • 3 lbs

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080IM-B Brossard

Mini Inspection mirror


  • 8" Shatterproof round acrylic convex mirror with adjustable swivel head
  • One piece 40" light weight handle
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs
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A Vehicle Inspection Mirror Will Assist With Visibility Under Vehicles, Machinery & Virtually Any Hard To See Area

All of our superior inspection mirrors are made in the USA and designed for daily use. They are great for security checkpoints, military use, guard shacks, truck, rail and ship yards as well as for general inspection use. Excellent for looking underneath vehicle carriages, restaurant equipment, & confined areas.

  • Shatterproof convex mirror lens or round flat lens.
  • Aluminum telescoping pole adjustable from 33” to 42”
  • Heavy Duty extruded rubber rim around mirror lens
  • Lens swivels for infinite adjustment.  Also available with tripod ball bearing caster wheels for effortless full range of motion
  • Available with flash light for hard to see areas

Our mini inspection mirror is ideal for tight and hard to access areas where a smaller diameter mirror is needed. The 8” round convex mirror is equipped with adjustable swivel for precise adjustments and has a 40” one piece handle.

With security threats all over the world at an all-time high, companies are now screening cars and trucks as they enter their facility.  Providing for the physical security of the workplace is a responsibility all managers and owners MUST take seriously as it is a liability now for companies everywhere.

Our mirrors fall into two classes; the vehicle inspection mirrors and telescoping inspection mirror.  The vehicle inspection mirror is available in seven different models.  Six of these models are essentially combinations of the lens type, flat or convex (convex is most popular), wheels or no wheels, lighted or non-lighted.

The most popular option purchased is the convex lens model with wheels.  Although the product is light-weight, the wheels make it easy on inspectors to roll the mirror quickly and easily under a car to inspect without hurting their arms or back.

The version with a flashlight simple includes a mounted bracket on the handle that the flashlight attaches to.  This enables the inspector to aim a beam of light straight down at the mirror lens to shine light on the area they are trying to inspect, thus enabling them to see the reflection of an image on the lens.

Should I choose a flat mirror or convex mirror lens?  The flat lens will offer a crisper one to one reflection, while the convex lens will offer a larger surface area for viewing.

Common uses of vehicle inspection mirrors:

Automobile inspection mirror - regardless if you are inspecting a car or small truck, the vehicle inspection mirror will be a great choice.  For a large tractor trailer or airplane we recommend the truck inspection mirror.

Train inspection mirror - for trains we recommend the truck inspection mirror.  The large telescoping arm enables users to stretch the pole across a large distance to inspect.

Rooftops - pest control companies, for example, may equip their inspectors with these mirrors to hold upright and inspect the inside of gutters for insects and other debris.