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Unbreakable Convex Mirror For The Ulitimate Safety & Security Mirror

SCVI-12T-PC MirrorPros

Superior Indoor unbreakable convex mirror. Great for indoor locations such as hospitals, correction facilities, school classrooms and care facilities where . Polycarbonate Duramir lens will withstand even the most extreme impacts and will not fail. 

Available in multiple sizes: 12”, 18”, 26", 30” & 36” models.

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SCVO-12T-PB MirrorPros

Unbreakable outdoor convex mirror with heavy duty plastic backing. The unbreakable polycarbonate convex lens paired with heavy duty backing is ideal for use in warehouses, driveways & road use, garages & outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Available in multiple sizes: 12", 18", 26", 30" & 36" models

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SCVO-12T-PC-GB MirrorPros

Unbreakable convex mirror with galvanized steel backing for maximum durability and dependability in the harshest environments. A great choice as a traffic mirror, outdoor mirror, industrial mirror, institutional mirror, prison mirror and any application the demands the toughest safety and security mirror available.

Available in multiple sizes: 12”, 18”, 26", 30” & 36” models.

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Mirrors that can stand up to the Toughest Conditions

MirrorPros offers a full line of cost-effective DuraMir round convex and dome mirrors that are perfect for use in prisons, schools, hospitals, driveways & traffic. 

DuraMir is a virtually unbreakable and shatterproof mirror. The DuraMir now features a polycarbonate lens that makes for one very tough mirror. It is recommended for applications where safety is the primary concern or where you may have a breakage or vandalism problem. DuraMir mirrors can be used to open up surveillance around all blind corners and dead walls.

Duramir Features:

  • Extremely tough! Great in situations where breakage and/or vandalism is possible
  • Excellent choice for a hospital mirror, prison mirror, classroom mirror or traffic mirror
  • Lens will not shatter, crack or break
  • Now featuring a polycarbonate lens sourced completely in the USA

Unbreakable Convex Mirrors Specifically Designed for Traffic, Behavioral Health & Industrial Safety

A MirrorPros exclusive – the Duramir unbreakable mirror is the best choice available if you are looking for a mirror to excel in the most demanding and harshest environments. Our most discriminate customers wanted a durable convex mirror that was priced in line with acrylic convex mirrors but would match up strength wise to polycarbonate convex mirrors – so we developed the Duramir. In fact, our Duramir unbreakable mirror is priced less than our competitors regular convex mirrors. Some of the nations largest industrial plants and government agencies rely on the MirrorPros unbreakable convex Duramir for its durability and huge price advantage over polycarbonate convex mirrors.

So what is The Duramir unbreakable convex mirror? The materials used to make the Duramir lens is a special Polycarbonate material. The Duramir brand of mirror measures up to acrylic mirrors as far as clarity, UV stability and outdoor rating. Featuring a lower price and superior overall performance, the unbreakable Duramir will not shatter, crack, break or fail even under extreme punishment.  From a true cost of ownership perspective, you will find the Duramir will actually save you money over time. It will cut down on replacement costs because of its unparalleled strength.

The MirrorPros Duramir unbreakable outdoor mirror with ABS plastic backing can be used indoor or outdoors in normal weather conditions. This outdoor convex mirror works well for industrial or home use where you don't need the added ruggedness of galvanized steel backing. If you are tired of replacing mirror after mirror due to breakage, vandalism, UV break down, or yellowing, then the Duramir unbreakable mirror is what you've been searching for.

Do you need a mirror to excel in the most harsh and demanding environments? The Duramir unbreakable outdoor mirror with galvanized steel backing will exceed your expectations. It will perform outdoors in extremely hot or cold temperatures, in heavy precipitation, and windy conditions.

Common Applications for Unbreakable Mirrors:

  • Parking garages
  • Warehousing
  • Public areas, rest areas
  • Swimming pools & recreational facilities
  • Hospitals, Nursing Facilities
  • Traffic & driveway mirrors
  • Prisons, Jails

About the DuraMir™:

  • Comes with mounting hardware & brackets, and swivel arm
  • Available in hardboard, ABS plastic and galvanized steel backing
  • Available in standard diameters of: 12”, 18”, 26”, 30”, 36” *sizes vary according to backing materials
  • 1” of mirror diameter equals one foot of optimal viewing area. For example, if a mirror is to be located 36' from your viewing location then a 18” mirror is recommended. For outdoor traffic and driveway mirrors it is advised to order a mirror one size larger.
  • Ships out of our mid-west warehouse in 1 business day via UPS/FedEx ground. Some larger diameter mirrors or large quantities will ship via tractor trailer. Expedited shipping available.

To find out more about the virtually unbreakable and shatterproof DuraMir mirror for your facility, please visit our Duramir products above.  If you need help with the selection of the right mirror for your application, give us a call at 1-800-366-7235.