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Safety Mirror


A safety mirror will help keep your school, warehouse, hospital & office free from accidents

A safety mirror is one of the most inexpensive, yet most effective, devices in any safety or loss prevention program. They can be found as a convex mirror, dome mirror, flat washroom mirrors or inspection mirrors. Most models are available in unbreakable mirror and acrylic mirror lenses.

What type of Safety Mirror do I need:

  • A convex safety mirror provides a 160 degree view offering the most optimal view with the least amount of distortion. A convex safety mirror will work best at viewing right to left angles
  • Full dome safety mirrors offer a bird's eye 360 degree view
  • Half dome safety mirrors offer a 180 degree view 
  • Quarter dome safety mirrors offer a 90 degree view

Safety Mirrors may be used alone or in conjunction with other devices such as CCTV systems, video equipment or cameras. They may be ceiling or wall mounted just about anywhere. Convex and dome configurations mounted overhead provide forklift operators an expanded view in order to avoid collisions and are also ideal for use in hallways for pedestrian traffic. When mounted on a wall, a safety mirror will assist with viewing down aisles and monitoring classrooms, cells, cubicles and most any blind spot area.

  • Warehouse safety and security
  • Hospital and office hallways
  • Driveway safety to help view oncoming traffic
  • Vehicular and pedestrian safety in danferous intersections
  • Correctional and insutuional use 
  • In school classrooms and day care centers for monitoring
  • Theft protection in retail settings

Choose a safety mirror in shatterproof mirror or unbreakable mirror versions depending upon your appliaction and buget. The lens of the unbreakable mirrror will take an extreme impact without shattering, cracking or breaking. The acrylic lens is a shatterproof mirror and will take a moderate amount of punishment but will not shatter like glass if broken. All safety mirrors are available in a wide range of diameters to keep your home, driveways, warehouses, hospitals, and schools safe from costly accidents and injuries.