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Unbreakable Stainless Steel Commercial Restroom Mirrors 

For public restrooms, dressing rooms, or other public areas, the facts are that vandalism, breakage, and potential theft are problems that will occur.  MirrorPros is proud to carry a large line of flush and pivot mounted stainless steel mirrors.

Stainless steel washroom mirrors are just about the toughest material you can use for your public facility.  Click the link below to watch a short, two minute video about our stainless steel washroom mirrors.

Stainless Steel Flat Washroom Mirrors Video


How to Choose the Right Convex Mirror:

There are so many different type of security and safety mirrors that the choices may seem a little overwhelming.  Even when you know you want a safety mirror, the facts are there are several options to choose from.  

Of course we welcome any calls and would be happy to help you decide, however, we also invite you to see this short video on how to choose the right miror.

How to Choose A Convex Mirror for Your Needs


How to Choose the Best Backing for Your Convex Mirror:

Convex Mirrors are offered in a variety of different backings to meet your specific needs and applications.  Whether the mirror will be used indoors, outdoors in a covered area, or outdoors in the elements, there is a backing availalbe.

We offer hardboard, treated hardboard, ABS plastic and steel backings.  If you need help selecting the appropriate and most cost effective backing, watch the video below for some helpful tips and information.

What Backing should I choose for My Security Mirror


Unbreakable Convex and Dome Security Mirrors:

Are you having trouble with vandalism or need extra security measures in a public or high traffic area?  The Duramir brand of security mirror is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof.  This brand of tough mirrors is popular where safety is a primary concern.

The Duramir unbreakable material is offered in our round, convex mirrors and our quarter, half and full dome mirrors.  A treated hardboard backing or a steel backing is available, depending on the application of the mirror.  See the informative video below for more information on this amazing mirror.

When Unbreakable Security Mirrors are a Must


Utility and Forklift Mirrors for Industrial Safety:

Decrease work related accidents with our expansive line of forklift and utility mirrors.  Perfect for buses, warehouses and forklift applications our mirrors come in glass, acrylic or steel to meet the needs of virtually every application.  Round or rectangular, we have a safety mirror to help you increase your visibility in any setting.

Watch our informative video for a description of the different materials, sizes and mountings availabe from Mirrorpros.


Forklift and Utility Mirrors for Trucks, Buses and Forklifts


Inspection Mirrors for those Hard to See Places:

Our full line of inspection mirrors are the perfect choice for those hard to see areas.  They are ideal for viewing the undersides or tops or vehicles, tractor trailers, buses and railcars.  They are lightweight and adjustable and come with a 12" convex or flat rounc acrylic mirror.

Depending on your specific application, wheels and a light are available on these mirrors.  These are an excellent choice for the inspection of hard to reach areas.  This short video gives an excellent depiction of these handy safety mirrors.   The applications are endless.

Inspection Mirrors for Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Big Rigs and More



The Perfect Unbreakable Convex Safety Mirror for Prisons and Jails:

When only the toughest mirror will do for your prison or jail application, try the Duramir convex mirror.  Made of a heavy duty, "co-polyester" material, these mirrors are virtually indestructible.  Perfect for security concerns where breakage and vandalism are present, these mirrors won't break or shatter.

These heavy duty mirrors stand up to being run over by a car and even more!  Watch this short video to get an idea of how tough these mirrors truly are.


Unbreakable Security Convex Mirrors for Tough Jobs


Flat Mirrors for Restrooms and Retail Stores

Flat mirrors are availalbe in a variety of sizes and materials depending on your needs and application.  A flush mount flat mirror is availalbe in acrylic, glass and heavy duty stainless steel for high impact areas.  All sizes are equipped with keyhold slots for easy mounting.  They have a stainless frame and a sturdy galvanized steel backing.  A swivel mount, flat mirror is also availalbe when it is necessary to be able to rotate the mirror.

Flat mirrors are great for a true one to one reflection, are perfect in a wide variety of locations, from school restrooms to office buildings.  See the short, information video below for a great overview of our flat mirror selection.

Flat Mirrors for Many Applications


Dome Mirrors Are Perfect For Schools, Hospitals, Warehouses And Retail Stores

Dome mirrors come available in a number of options. These include full 360° Full Dome Mirror, 360° Ceiling Dome Mirror, 180° Half Dome Mirror, and the 90° corner mirror. With all of these options you are sure to find the Dome Mirror you need. These dome mirrors will allow you to avoid accidents in warehouse situtations where there are fork lifts driving around. These mirrors can also be used in retail stores and office locations to monitor activity around the premise.

No matter what your needs are, we are sure to have the exact mirror that fills those needs. The short video below will go more in depth to the various applications of these convex mirrors.

Utilize A Dome Mirror To See Down Aisles, Hallways, and Blind Spots


Shatterproof Mirrors for Schools and Day Care Facilities

The DuraMir line of mirrors offer a virtually indestructible convex mirror. These mirrors are ideal for scenarios where children are around. The first reason for this is the safety that convex mirrors offer, you will be able to see all the kids whenever they are inside or outside. Another reason is that since the mirror is indestructible there is no chance that the glass can break and cause harm to the children.

These mirrors come with either a treated hard board or heavy duty steel backing, so these mirrors can be used outside with no worries.

Insure Childrens Safety With An Unbreakable DuraMir Convex Mirror


Vehicle Inspection Mirrors for Cars and Trucks

We are the preferred supplier of inspection mirrors for the Armed Forces and many government agencies. The lens are detachable and made with a shatterproof acrylic and has an extruded rubber rim to prevent damage to the mirror and the objects being inspected. The handles are lightweight and durable they are made out of anodized aluminum and are telescoping up to 13 feet.

No matter what model you purchase it will be able to be broken down so they are extremly portable. You can rest assured this inspection mirror will get the job done.

Vehicle Inspection Mirrors Are Perfect For Cars and Trucks


Convex Security Mirror Overview Video

Convex mirrors provide a simple and safe environment no matter the situation. Convex mirrors are perfect for schools, daycares, hospitals, warehouse and retail stores. Our convex mirrors comes in a variety of lens types and have various different type of materials for the backing. This video will briefly cover these lens types and backing materials.

The bottom line no matter what situation or environment a convex mirror is a perfect fit.

A Breif Overview Of MirrorPros Convex Mirrors