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Unbreakable Mirrors for Prisons and Jails

The brief article below offers an overview of mirror usage in hospitals, prisons and jails, mental ward, and other types of environments.  Historically, circular and dome convex mirrors were used as they offered a wider viewing angle than a flat mirror provides, but there's some risk in these environments as breakage would/is a major issue.

Security and safety convex mirrors are the types of products with countless applications and uses. Almost every hospital, prison, and parking garage have a convex mirror uses as a safety and security device.

If you are not familiar with these products, they are the circular, or dome shaped mirrors you typically see in hallway corners or on ceilings. There are several benefits of using these mirrors in this type of environment:

Benefits of Convex Mirrors in Hospitals and Jails:

  • Convex shape offers larger surface, providing more viewing area
  • Typically low cost
  • Depending on model, mirrors may offer 360, 180, or 90 degree viewing areas
  • Act as safety measure - ability to see oncoming traffic
  • Act as crime deterrent - if I can see you in a mirror then you can see me

The problem is that historically most convex security mirrors were constructed from glass or acrylic. Both offer a clear crisp view but the problem is breakage. We have all broken glass in our homes, but you can imagine the liability a company would incur if a glass convex mirror broke in a hospital hallway or in a parking garage.  

This leads to acrylic security mirrors. Acrylic lenses are tougher than glass and tend to be a better alternative in the types of environments we mentioned above. While it is sturdier than glass, it will break into "shards" which can be sharp and destructive. 

Problems with Glass or Acrylic in Prisons, Hospitals, Courhouses, etc.:

  • Glass is very sharp when it breaks
  • Broken acrylic may lead to shards that are sharp
  • Glass tends to be heavy
  • Acrylic may scratch

Meet the Duramir Line of Unbreakable Convex and Dome Mirrors


When we tell people the Duramir is virtually indestructible, they don't really believe is. The truth is, I can understand why. We have proof you can easily verify by watching the video below.

Duramir is a virtually indestructible mirror product that is perfect for areas where vandalism or breakage could occur. Is some destructive force does break this lens type, it won't break into sharp pieces of slithers of sharp product. The material Durmair is produced from the same type of material used to product a 2-liter soda bottles. If you can imagine how tough these types of bottles are, you will begin to understand how tough Duramir actually is. But don't take my word for it, watch the video above.

Without watching the video, you wouldn't believe me if I said you could run a truck over the mirror and it won't break. So you can imagine the uses for this type of mirror. Prisons could use this type of shatter proof convex security mirror without worrying about inmates hurting themselves if it breaks or using it as a weapon. Duramir convex security mirrors offered by offer a crisp clean view, and are available in a variety of sizes and backing types. 

The Right Shape for a Security or Safety Convex Mirror

As I mentioned above, the word convex represents the surface shape of the mirror lens itself.  The center point of the lens is higher than the surrounding area.  Think of a basketball.  Cut it in half and you have a convex shape.  If you flaten out a convex lens, it actually has more surface area than the same diamater flat lens.


*Image from creative commons license


 In this photo, you can see the convex shape of the contact lense.  This is the shape of a convex mirror.  There are three basic shapes to convex mirrors:

  • Circular convex mirror - commonly referred to here as simply "convex mirrors".  While the lens is convex, the overal shape tends to be circular.  Typically available in sizes from 12'' to 48'' and are available with different types of backing.
  • Dome mirrors - technically these are convex mirrors as well.  The convex lens shape of a dome mirror is significantly more pronounced than it's flater, circular convex mirror brother.  Dome mirrors provide the largest viewing area than any other mirror listed here and are available in full dome, half dome, and quarter dome versions.
  • Rectangular convex mirrors - these are rectangular shaped mirrors with a convex lens, similar to a convex circular lens.

Whether you want a convex mirror or dome security mirror for indoor our outdoor use, please call us or email us by visiting our contact us page with any questions you may have.