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When to buy an unbreakable mirror over an acrylic convex mirror

Convex mirrors can come in a variety of different lens materials; acrylic convex, unbreakable convex and glass convex are the most popular. There are certain applications where one convex lens type is preferred over another. From an economical perspective, acrylic convex mirrors are the least expensive followed by glass with the unbreakable convex mirrors being the most expensive.  But it is not a wise decision to base your purchase solely on price alone when deciding upon your convex mirror purchase.  Buying the most expensive mirror does not necessarily mean you are getting the best convex mirror for your application and buying the least expensive mirror may be an ever poorer decision because you may end up replacing mirrors with some frequency if your application warrants an unbreakable convex mirror. But don’t fret, you can avoid over buying or under buying by asking yourself a few questions regarding your convex mirror needs.

Question #1:  Will the convex mirror be placed in an area where it could receive an impact?

Outdoor unbreakable mirrorIf you answered yes to this question chances are you are better off purchasing convex mirror with an unbreakable lens.  A glass convex mirror will take very little punishment. Even the slightest impact can cause the mirror to break and shatter leaving dangerous shards.  Shatter resistant glass mirrors are not impact resistant. When shatter resistant glass mirrors receive an impact they will still break but the special film on the glass lens will reduce the number of shards and keep them together much like a car windshield. Acrylic convex mirrors will accept a mild impact and anything over than that the lens will crack.  Acrylic mirrors are shatterproof – meaning they will not shatter like a glass mirror would but will still crack when impacted.  Unbreakable convex mirror lenses will take the harshest of impacts and will not break, shatter or crack. If you feel your convex mirror will be placed in harm’s way, the unbreakable convex mirror is the safest bet and could even save you money in the long run when considering constant replacement costs.

Question #2:  Will the convex mirror be placed in a care facility such as a school, childcare facility, nursing home, hospital, psychiatric ward or prison?

Answering yes to this question leaves no doubt – you need an unbreakable mirror without question.  If the unfortunate event occurs where your mirror receives damage from a flying object, a mishap from the maintenance man’s ladder, rage from a patient, or just about anything in between you do not want to take your chances with injuries to property or person so an unbreakable mirror is in order.  As a matter of fact, some local governments require the use of unbreakable mirrors in care facilities.  The lens of an unbreakable mirror will take just about any amount of physical punishment you can throw at it.





Question #3: Will the convex mirror be used outdoors for use as a driveway mirror or traffic mirror?

Traffic Mirror OutdoorsThere are so many things that can happen to an outdoor convex mirror. They are preferred targets for bottles, bricks or bats thrown from vehicles, rocks and stones slung from weed eaters and mowers, falling limbs from trees, objects blown in the wind, etc. The best way to combat against these forces is choosing an outdoor convex mirror with an unbreakable lens. Though the upfront cost may be more than an acrylic mirror it’s certainly cheaper to go with one unbreakable convex mirror versus buying a, acrylic mirror every time it’s damaged.  







Question #4: Will the convex mirror be used indoors and mounted in a area free from potential impact?

Mounted Convex MirrorIf you answer yes here then it’s not necessary to spend the money on an unbreakable mirror as an acrylic convex mirror will work just fine. As stated before, an acrylic mirror will take a medium impact so if you mount the convex mirror away from busy areas and locations away from children then the chances of catastrophic damage to the mirror will be slim to none.