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SCVI-12T-PC Unbreakable Indoor Convex Mirror

Unbreakable Indoor Convex Mirror Model SCVI-12T-PC

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The Unbreakable Convex Mirror for Correction Facilities, Hospitals, School & Daycare Centers

If you need a tough, virtually unbreakable convex mirror for indoor use, the Duramir with hardboard backing will provide the strength and durability you are looking for. Our Duramir is now made with polycarbonate sourced from the USA. The Duramir weighs less, has stronger strength characteristics as acrylic and is more durable. The hardboard backing on the Duramir is for indoor use only.

Need a mirror which can be subjected to harsh weather conditions, is chemical resistant and can withstand temperature extremes –  choose  the Duramir unbreakable security mirror with steel backing

  • Made In The USA
  • GSA Compliant
  • The Duramir Polycarbonate is Virtually Un-breakable
  • Telescoping Mounting Bracket And Hardware Included
  • All materials are sourced from the USA
  • We can ship on your FedEx or UPS account
  • Quantity discounts available

The Duramir Unbreakable Safety Mirror is useful for:

  • Behavioral care facilities, hosptials, schools 
  • Warehouses, Offices, & Stores
  • Traffic mirror for warehouses & garages
  • Convenience & Retail Stores

Facilities all over the world are choosing the Duramir due to the impact resistant lens material and the fact that it's virtually indesctructable.  Use this mirror with confidence in any location where you are worried about vandalism or where risk of injury due to breakage could be catastrophic.  Common uses in these situations could be a day care center or school environment where broken glass could potentially injur children. 

When you want a convex security or convex safety mirror, choose an unbreakable convex mirror, the Duramir!