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Three Door Medicine Cabinets

Maximize your storage space with these three door medicine cabinets.  With three doors, these mirrored medicine cabinets offer more viewing area and more storage than their single door and double door medicine cabinet counterparts.

Features of our Three Door Medicine Cabinets:

  • High-end welded steel body with a rust resistant finish
  • Painted white or clear, depending on model
  • Hidden, european style cabinet hinges you won't find on lessor models
  • Three mirrored doors
  • Multiple mounting options, including Surface Mount, Recessed, and Semi-recessed models
  • Three types of mirrored surface - beveled glass, polished edge glass, and stainless steel framed

Our Ketcham cabinets are all made from high-end, welded steel and finished with a rust resistant paint.

The doors are mounted with a euro-style hinge, which hides them from view for a sleek look.

Each series of medicine cabinets has a required lead time needed to build out the cabinet.  Please consult the lead time chart prior to finalizing your order to ensure the time is satisfactory to you.

SR-2430 Ketcham Cabinets

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SM-2430 Ketcham Cabinets

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3722 Ketcham Cabinets

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Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Maybe you’re in the process of building or designing a new bathroom? Or perhaps you’re renovating an old vanity and looking for the perfect solution to wow and make the design come alive. It’s common these days to have more "stuff" than places to put it all. The result is a mess that not only annoys us while we live out our day to day lives, but can also force innocently prying eyes to invade our privacy when our personal hygiene products are left out on display. Medicine cabinets of all types are a traditional and affordable design solution that has stood the test of time and continues to be made new over and over again. Stay on or even under budget and over expectations with our featured quality Ketcham Medicine Cabinets. The versatility and practicality of medicine cabinets has long since made them a favored option for bathroom and vanity design and décor and the term medicine cabinet doesn’t begin to give credit to the collection of attributes that make them such a classic choice of necessity.

  • A design option for any need and style
  • Necessary storage and organization capacity
  • Affordable cost 
  • Easy installation
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain mirrored surfaces

Make bathroom or vanity design easy and fulfilling when you choose from our many design options of mirrored cabinets to fit the needs of any space. No matter the choice in design, medicine cabinets are an efficient and effective way to remove the clutter of open shelving or overly busy counter tops that disturb decor by allowing storage of personal items out of sight from children and guests behind fashionable design friendly doors. They make way for a clean and sleek look and feel that optimizes both functionality and convenience.

3 Door Medicine Cabinets

3 Door medicine cabinets offer a perfect and elegant solution to keeping toiletries and hair products neatly tucked away and easy to retrieve. They have the added benefit of providing access to your stored belongings from behind any of the doors. Inside you’ll find adjustable shelving to fit bottles of varying sizes and easy to clean white surfaces that give a bright presentation. Our 3 door medicine cabinets are durable, and as the years go by they’ll prove to be worth the affordable initial cost. Make life neater, cleaner and more functional with one of our featured selections provided.

Tri View Medicine cabinets

The Tri View Medicine cabinets are large mirrored medicine cabinets most noted for their multi-angled reflective views.  They are known best for helping us see the backs of our heads and checking our hair dos (or donts). Tri view medicine cabinets are mirrored, providing a large reflective area composed of three doors that each open to reach a complete ninety degree angle. With tri view medicine cabinets, functionality is optimized and great design is enhanced. Choose a framed or frameless design to best accent your design goals or a lighted cabinet, especially great for vanity areas where good lighting is essential. Made of steel and rust resistant, customers of this product will be enjoying their reflection from all angles reliably for years to come.  These Large Mirrored Medicine Cabinets increase the size of your storage area, while giving you a big bang for your buck with an increased reflection area. Conveniently store your larger hair accessories like flat irons and curling irons with ease, they fit perfectly. Got multiple users? Keep things segmented by shelf or by designated door and ensure plenty of space and privacy for everyone. 

Modern Medicine Cabinets

Up the ante on uniqueness and sleekness and opt for a one of our beautifully, modern medicine cabinet. Modern medicine cabinets shock and awe guests and owners with their classic features that offer all the goodness we’re used to, with the added bonus of a modern design. This option is perfect for customers looking to polish off a contemporary or modern style bathroom or vanity. Multipurpose medicine cabinets make a clutter free decor natural feeling and functional. Added features include frameless styles that hide the cabinetry from unsuspecting guests, making it look like a beautiful reflective surface instead.

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