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How To Select A Store Security Mirror and Surveillance Mirror For Retail Use

As a business owner or manager of a retail establishment, then you know the importance of protecting your store against theft and your customers against criminal activity. Establishing an effective loss prevention and store security program is vital component to your success.  A store security mirror is one of the least expensive forms of protection and also one of the most effective.  A security mirror allows your staff to have an increased view of the store and better overall awareness.  

In Summary, below are the factors you need to consider when using security mirrors for loss prevention in your store or business:

  • Select the right type of mirror, either a convex mirror or dome mirror are the most popular
  • Select the right location to place the mirror
  • Select the right size of a mirror

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 Dome Mirror Used in Store Security


Convex mirror and dome mirror configurations can be mounted strategically throughout your store in order to provide the wide angle vision necessary for seeing around blind corners, over center aisle gondolas, and into hidden areas. When your customers go into blind spot areas, the mirror will allow for the clerk to see what the consumer is doing.

Having a successful campaign against loss prevention and overall all store security in your business relies on several key factors:

  • Mirror placement
  • Security mirror type (convex mirror, dome mirror or a combination of both)
  • Mirror size

Mirror Placement

Security mirrors should be placed in the following areas:

  • Where there are blind spots that prevent clear, unobstructed  viewing
  • In areas where there are high value assets even if the view is not obstructed
  • In checkout areas , entry & exit points, stock rooms, and in close proximity to fitting room areas (but not in a  position which may compromise the customer’s privacy

You want to position your security mirrors where you can view anything adversarial that might occur such as theft, vandalism, suspicious behavior, unauthorized entry or exit, etc.  Round and rectangular convex mirrors come equipped with a ball joint swivel for the best possible alignment adjustment.  You may need to draw a blueprint of your establishment to help you determine placement points.

Most Effective Security Mirrors:  

  • Round convex mirror
  • Rectangular convex mirror
  • Dome mirror

Round and rectangular convex mirrors are the most common security mirror and provide the best viewing experience. Rectangular convex mirrors are ideal for low ceiling heights or where a wider view of an area is desired. Dome mirrors are most effective at providing a panoramic view of an area and should be used in conjunction with convex mirrors in most circumstances. Because of the limited detail a dome mirror provides.

Selecting The Right Size Mirror:

  • The most effective viewing distance is estimated as: the distance in feet between your position and where the mirror will be located = one inch of mirror diameter.

When using this formula, take into consideration that a 26” mirror is typically the smallest recommended diameter mirror for security and surveillance purposes.  Also, keep in mind that round convex mirrors are available in 12”, 18”, 26”, 30”, 36” and 48” and rectangular models are available in 12”X18”, 15”X24”, 16”X26”, 18”X26”, 20”X30”, 24”X36”, & 26”X,36”.

If your measurements fall just short or in between these diameters, then always round up not down. For example, If your distance is 28” then go with a 30”mirror.