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Cost Effective Safety Mirror in Store Don’t be caught unaware of what’s going on in your home and business. Safety mirrors are a great cost-effective method of boosting your security and surveillance without high maintenance costs and the upkeep of expensive monitoring and alarm systems. With these tools you can monitor blind spots in your office, home, warehouse, or anywhere else you may need to have additional surveillance. Prevent accidents at intersections, sharp corners, or in the aisles of your retail location. All of our products are lightweight and are simple to use—with extremely easy installation and virtually no maintenance.

Constructed from clear glass or shatterproof acrylic, safety mirrors come in a variety of models for both inside and outdoor use. These specialty products can be adjusted from a swivel mount, can be weatherproof, and can be installed within minutes to fit all of your needs and provide you with the added security you have been missing for your home and business.  Regardless of your application, these mirrors are available in a many different models to accommodate their location and visibility.

Convex or two-way mirrors provide a wide angle view of 160 degrees. They are ideal for delivery areas, the tall heights of warehouses, and blind corners. For areas that have a lower height, consider the two-way low clearance convex models. These mirrors offer the same great visibility as the traditional convex models, but have a rounded-rectangular shape that makes them ideal for flush-mounting against a ceiling and corner. This type of product can even be used in elevators and ceiling heights of up to fifteen feet.

A full dome mirror provides a four-way panoramic view of a complete 360 degrees. Usually constructed from shatterproof acrylic materials, these mirrors can help reduce accidents and collisions as well as prevent theft and unexpected visitors. 

Another popular mirror is the half dome variety. This product provides a three way view and can be mounted at the intersection of a ceiling and wall to provide added visibility at all of your exits and entrances.

All of our products can be further enhanced with the use of mounting hardware kits and chain installation accessories. Regardless of their location, you can find a method of installing them that is completely customized for your application and usage requirements.

For all of your blind spots, safety mirrors are a simple necessity. Let the experts of help you provide added protection and security for your home and business. Don’t be caught unaware, let our experts aid you in creating a safe environment with our simple and effective tools. Contact us today to assess your needs and create a custom solution for your business or residential environment.

Convex Mirrors for Business Security and Safety

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