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In order to choose to right safety dome mirror to fit your application, please refer to the chart below or call us for assistance.

Dome mirrors are effective when used to view wide areas where the objects you need to clearly view is no greater than 30', but ideally no more than 15' away. Dome mirrors do provide an infinite reflection, but the further away you are from the mirror the smaller the objects will appear. If you choose a mirror that is too small or you are too far away from the mirror, the objects will appear so small that they are virtually unidentifiable. This is due to the curvature of the dome lens and relatively short height/depth. The larger the mirror you choose, the larger the objects will appear. Dome mirrors work best in applications where the objects you are wishing to view are close. If your application calls for the need to view objects in some detail further away than 18' then a convex mirror is strongly suggested. 

Most Important Factors When Determining How To Choose The Right Dome Mirror:

  • The distance in feet you will be standing from the mirror
  • How far away from the mirror the objects you wish to view (distance in feet)
  • How clearly you need to see the objects reflecting in the mirror. Do you need to just make out movement, or do you need to see clearly enough to recognize objects in greater detail? 
  • The larger the mirror, the larger the objects will appear in the mirror. Full domes offer the most robust views, followed by half domes, then quarter domes. 


Full Dome Dimension Comparison Chart


Full Dome Diameter Including Flange Height/Depth

Maximum Distance To Clearly See Objects 15’ Away From Mirror*

12" Full Dome Mirror 12.125" 6" 6' 2lbs
18" Full Dome Mirror 19.125" 8.25" 9' 3lbs
26" Full Dome Mirror 27.125" 10.125" 13' 5lbs
32" Full Dome Mirror 33.25" 13.875" 16' 8lbs
36" Full Dome Mirror 37.375" 15.5" 18' 14lbs
48" Full Dome Mirror 47.75" 18" 24' 33lbs

Full Dome Mirrors provide a 360 degree view. and are ideal for a panoramic view. Full Domes are most often ceiling mounted either flush to the ceiling or suspended from a hanging chain.


Half Dome Dimension Comparison Chart


Half Dome Diameter Including Flange Height/Depth

Maximum Distance To Clearly See Objects 15’ Away From Mirror*

12" Half Dome Mirror 12" 6" 6' 2lbs
18" Half Dome Mirror 18" 8.25" 9' 2lbs
26" Half Dome Mirror 26" 10.125" 11' 3lbs
32" Half Dome Mirror 32" 13.875" 14' 4lbs
36" Half Dome Mirror 36" 15.5" 16' 5lbs
48" Half Dome Mirror 48" 18" 18' 16lbs

Half Dome Mirrors provide a 180 degree view and are ideal for "T" intersections. Half Domes are most commonly mounted on a wall near the ceiling but may be positioned anywhere.

Qtr Dome Dimension Comparison Chart


Qtr Dome Width Including Flange Height/Depth

Maximum Distance To Clearly See Objects 15’ Away From Mirror*

12" Quarter Dome Mirror 6" 6" 4' 1lbs
18" Quarter  Dome Mirror 9.875" 9" 6' 3lbs
26" Quarter Dome Mirror 13" 10.625" 8' 3lbs
32" Quarter Dome Mirror 16.5" 13.5" 10' 4lbs
36" Quarter Dome Mirror 18.25" 16.5" 12' 5lbs
48" Quarter Dome Mirror 23.75" 19" 16' 8lbs

Quarter Dome Mirrors provide a 90 degree view and are ideal for "L" shaped intersections. Quarter Domes are almost always mounted in a corner and also make a great elevator mirror. 

*Weight is calculated on domes with no backing. For domes with hardboard backing add 1lb. For domes with steel backing add 2lbs. 

All of our dome mirrors are manufactured right here in the USA. You can have peace of mind knowing that the dome you are purchasing is fabricated with pride using the highest quality American made materials at lower prices than other dealers sell their cheaply made imports. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you need help or have any questions.