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SEC-PM-HD-18 Unbreakable Half Dome Mirror

Unbreakable Half Dome Mirror Model SEC-PM-HD-18

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18" Half Dome Mirror, Duramir Unbreakable lens, 18" Diameter Including Flange, 8.25" Height/Depth, 1lb
$104.98 $52.99
26" Half Dome Mirror, Duramir Unbreakable Lens, 26" Diameter Including Flange, 10.125" Height/Depth, 2lbs
$89.99 $84.99
32" Half Dome Mirror, Duramir Unbreakable Lens, 32" Diameter Including Flange, 13.875" Height/Depth, 3lbs
$154.99 $132.99
36" Half Dome Mirror, Duramir Unbreakable Lens, 36" Diameter Including Flange, 15.5" Height/Depth, 4lbs
$239.99 $209.99

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Unbreakable Half Dome Mirror Ideal For Use In Schools, Hospitals, Jails & Care Facilities

Click Here For Dome Mirror Dimensions & Help Determining The Right Size Dome

You can count on our Made in the USA unbreakable half dome Duramir to provide the durability and excellent reflection you need in a safety and security dome. Perfect for theft prevention, assistance with blind intersections and daily surveillance. Half domes provide a 180 degree view. Only the best grade USA materials are used in fabrication. Mounting the half dome is easy with the provided pre drilled holes in the mirror flange.

  • Effortless mounting
  • Made in the USA
  • GSA Compliant
  • Unbrakable Duramir Lens
  • 180 degree view with excellent reflection
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  • Quantity discounts & wholesale pricing available
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Benefit: Acrylic: PETG: DuraMir™ Co-Polyester
Mirror Quality: Excellent – Best overall Very Good Very Good Good
Material Clarity Excellent – Best overall Very Good Very Good Good
Impact Strength: Good – 14X better than glass Better – 8X better than acrylic Comparable to Polycarbonate Best – Virtually unbreakable
Strain to Failure (i.e. ability to stretch before breaking) Extremely poor Excellent Excellent Good
Indoor / Outdoor Compatibility: Excellent for outdoor use under all temperature extremes Do not use outdoors Excellent for outdoor use under all temperature extremes. Very good outdoors but will degrade over time from UV exposure
UV Stability: Excellent Long Term – 10+ years potentially Not Good – Do not use outdoors Yes. Includes proven UV Protective Layer Technology Ok for 5 years from breakage, but some yellowing may occur
Scratch Resistance: Good Not Good Not Good – comparable to Polycarbonate Not Good
Fire Resistant: No No No Yes
Chemical Resistance: Poor Good Good Fair
Fire Rating: UL94 – HB UL94 – HB UL94-HB UL94 – V0
Price: Best Price Higher Price Modest Price Highest Price