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AV12QL Corner Mirror

Quarter Dome Mirror with Acrylic Lens Model AV12QL

Manufacturer: Brossard
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12" Quarter Dome Mirror Width 6.0", Width Including Flange 6.0", 6" Height/Depth, 1lbs
$49.98 $19.99
18" Quarter Dome Mirror, Width 8.625", Width Including Flange, 9.875", 9" Height/Depth, 1lb
$51.98 $26.99
26" Quarter Dome Mirror, Width 12.325", Width Including Flange 13", 10.625" Height/Depth, 2lbs
$70.98 $35.99
32" Quarter Dome Mirror, Width 15", Width Including Flange 16.5", 13.5" Height/Depth, 3lbs
$95.98 $48.99
36" Quarter Dome Mirror, Width 17.25", Width Including Flange 18.25", 16.5" Height/Depth, 4lbs
$120.98 $55.99
48" Quarter Dome Mirror, Width 22.5", Width Including Flange 23.75", 19" Height/Depth, 7lbs
$159.79 $95.99

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Acrylic Quarter Dome Mirror Will Allow Visbility Of An Entire Area Behind You

When you have a dangerous intersection and need a mirror so people can see oncoming traffic (whether it's foot traffic or automobile traffic), an acyrlic corner mirror is a go-to option you should consider.  Known for it's light-weight and good image quality, acrylic is the staple many types of security and safety mirrors.

Click Here For Dome Mirror Dimensions & Help Determining The Right Size Dome

Our quarter dome mirrors will eliminate surprises when your back is turned away from your office door, cubicle, entrance or exit points. They provide a 90 degree view. Outstanding at preventing accidents in industrial applications involving forklift, vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Quarter dome mirrors serve as one of the most effective devices for surveillance and theft deterrence in retail stores by placing them in the corner of each wall.  Quarter domes are very easy to mount to the ceiling by using pre drilled holes in the mirror flange.


  • Made in the USA
  • GSA Compliant
  • Easy to mount
  • 90 degree view 
  • Mounts in a corner of a wall to the ceiling
  • We can ship on your FedEx or UPS account
  • Quantity discounts and wholesale pricing available
  • Drop shipments to your customers available