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Lockable Medicine Cabinets

A Lockable Medicine Cabinet is essential to your homes safety and security.  Many prescription drugs need to be locked up for several reasons, but mostly for the protection of curious little explorers, or nosy visitors.

Keep potentially dangerous medications separate from vitamins, for instance, for the peace of mind that wise precautions can bring.

Just about everyone needs medicine storage, and a lockable medicine cabinet for your home is safer for all concerned, including visitors.  No one will confuse a bottle of Valium for an aspirin bottle when the prescription drugs are locked away separately.

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It's not unusual for the average American home to have strong medications or potentially harmful medications around the house.   Dental and medical pain killers are necessary after some procedures, and most people go home with prescriptions instead of languishing in a hospital bed. Even mild prescription drugs are dangerous if not taken as prescribed, especially for children.

According to a CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, report from 2010, there is a list of the "most commonly used types of drugs" in American homes that includes:

  • Children's asthma medications
  • Adolescents' central nervous system stimulants
  • Middle-aged adults' antidepressants
  • Seniors' cholesterol-lowering medications

A lockable medicine cabinet at home seems very reasonable now, given the evidence.  The Ketcham lockable medicine cabinet can do the job, and it is available to contractors and other consumers in small or large orders.

The locking medicine cabinet home may have better odds at preventing accidental drug poisoning or overdosing than one without a lockable medicine cabinet. Why take the risk? If children live in the home, chances are good that they will look around in the bathroom when mom and dad are busy. Curiosity is natural and expected from children, so it is our job to protect them from them themselves.

Those scenes on TV of a nosy visitor in someone's home looking through the medicine cabinet come from reality. This is preventable, and privacy can be maintained in a locking medicine cabinet at home. If snooping individuals must look, let them see the toothpaste and deodorant instead of bottles of your personal prescriptions.

The lockable medicine cabinet also has the advantage of security for important documents. Who would expect to find a passport in the medicine cabinet? Significant documents, like passports, that need to be locked up can be kept in the cabinet and may include:

  • Deeds
  • Wills
  • Estate assets
  • Visas
  • Letters
  • Insurance papers
  • Maps to the pirate treasure

Medicine storage can mean so many things. There are a host of products that are nonprescription but potentially dangerous if taken the wrong way. Daily use items lull users into false security just from routine exposure. Many people use these medication-like products everyday.  Isn't it safer to lock them up? Keep the key hidden, or out of sight of the kids, for a more secure medication cabinet.

The Ketcham model is simple, practical and visually appealing in every setting. The basic, natural glass and metal design allows it to fit into most any kind of decor. It's easy to clean with flat, smooth surfaces and a wall-mounted location. Having the cabinet raised up high enough to deter small inspectors is also a good safety feature. For information or questions on our Ketcham Medicine Cabinets, call us today at 1-800-366-7235.