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Lighted Mirror Medicine Cabinets

The Medicine Cabinet with Lights is one of the most necessary and desirable products in home building and remodeling, and we are proud to now be offering these to our customers.  Contractors who build homes, apartment buildings, condos and townhomes and those looking to remodel or simply redecorate their bathrrom space, could utilize one of our beautiful lighted medicine cabinets.  They are perfect for:

• Makeup application 
• Hair styling (dryers, curling irons, gels, spray)
• Skin care (mask, toner, cotton balls, moisturizer, lotion, deodorant)
• Tooth care (toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, whitener)
• Jewelry placement (in hair, ears, around neck, arms)
• Shaving (cream, razors, aftershave, cup, brushes)
• Medicine storage 
• Hand mirrors and magnifying mirrors

* Prior to completing your order, we recommend you consult the "Lead Time Table" for each model of medicine cabinets.  Some are available right now, some will take us a few days or weeks to build, while special order cabinets could take considerably longer.  We want you to be satisfied with your order, so please make sure the lead time is acceptable to you.

Medicine Cabinet Lead Time Chart

171-TL Ketcham Cabinets

Not Yet Rated

SM-L-16 Ketcham Cabinets

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L-16 Ketcham Cabinets

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The bathroom medicine cabinet isn't just a drab box for storage anymore, but a stylish addition to any bathroom setting. Medicine cabinets with lights have become essential grooming companions to aid before jumping into the fray of every work and school day, and before all social engagements. Most people even check their appearance before going to the gym or for an outdoor jog, so what would they do without a lighted medicine cabinet? Dark bathrooms with no windows demand good light sources, and this cabinet is just the answer.

A lighted medicine cabinet isn't just a mirror, but adds essential storage space wherever needed the most.  They have plenty of room to hold basic first aid items, such as:

• Topical antibiotics
• Bandades
• Gauze
• Small scissors
• Alcohol
• Peroxide
• Antibacterial spray
• Tweezers
• Candy (admit it)

Shelves are spaced to hold flat items, sprays, bottles, cups and small boxes so that these necessary objects are convenient and handy to reach. The light provides the ability to work at the cabinet, especially if one needs to have water from the sink for various procedures and applications. All ages of people need light and storage in the bathroom for their essentials.  Pep talks for bruised egos are often key "medical treatments" in front of the lighted cabinet at various stages of life for most everyone. Inspiring self lectures may take place here as well.

Medicine cabinets with lights also provide ambience in a space. These cabinets give the option of one or one more light for every mood. Simple, practical and pleasing to the eye, this bathroom medicine cabinet fits into just about any style of bathroom decor and adds function without consuming the space. The steel coloring and sleek form fits in anywhere. These cabinets provide light for:

• A quiet soak in the bath
• A quick shower
• A good scrub after a hard workout
• Kids' bath times for getting all the dirt off

The bathroom medicine cabinet typically holds prescribed and over the counter medications as well, especially in an en suite bathroom. Many of us keep frequently used medicines in master bedroom baths.

A medicine cabinet can be placed as high on the wall as necessary to keep medications away from little ones.  Smooth metal shelves and side panels make it easy to keep the medicine cabinet clean, and antibacterial cleaners can be used to fight the spread of germs. These medicine cabinets are made for safe use and durability as well as modern bath amenities. Attached to the wall, the cabinet is out of the way but near at hand for ease of use and important storage. Bathrooms are not always large enough to contain a great deal of storage, so a cabinet with a light serves several purposes. 

For more information on the Medicine Cabinet with Lights, contact us  and we'll be happy to answer any questions on the materials, costs and sizes of the Ketcham medicine cabinet with lights. Contractors and all other buyers are welcome to shop with us for quality products and attention to detail on all orders.