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Using Inspection Mirrors to Inspect Your Gutters

The line of handheld inspection mirrors available at MirrorPros are, simply put, the best in the business.  We have searched far and wide to find a mirror that's 1) durable, 2) mutli-pupose, 3) cost effecte, and 4) made in America.  We are happy to say we have them here and this brief articles gives some out of the box ways to use your vehicle inspection mirror.


Handheld inspections are mostly used by security personnel to inspect the undercarriages of automobiles all over the world. The line of products we carry at MirrorPros are the same high-quality, American Made inspection mirrors used by countless government agencies across the US. Simple and lightweight, inspections us this mirror, attached to a telescopic pole, to look for hidden devices or materials under a car.

Traditionally, these mirrors are used by security organizations to inspect the undercarriage of cars and trucks.  The products is a pole with a circular convex or flat mirror on the end with other options available such as wheels, and lights.  The ergonomic vehicle inspection mirror model is light-weight and is perfect for the occassional use by inspectors.   For more extensive use, we recommend our standard model that is available with wheels.  This makes it easier on your inspectors to move the mirror in and out, requiring less stregnth.

Inspectors also use our overhead inspection mirrors to check the top of trucks, trainss, and airplane wings.

While this is by far the most common use of a handheld inspection mirror, every so often we come across, and you learn new ways our customers are using these products. A few years ago we were working with a pest control company out of Arizona. This company wanted an inspection mirror to aid their workers out in the field inspecting homes for pasts. A common problem that many of them face is inspecting gutters.


There are a lot of critters that hide in your gutters that you may never know about. This specific manager I spoke to told me on several occasions people in the field have reached their hands up inside of a gutter to come out with a large spider, rats, and once, even a A snake. Luckily, this was a nonvenomous snake. The product this customer ended up purchasing from us was a handheld truck inspection mirror. The truck inspection mirror has a telescopic pole that with a simple twist extends up to 20 feet. Depending on the gutter or roof height, the inspector telescopes the pole and looks at the convex mirror at the other in to look down into the contents of the gutter. Not only does this save them a tremendous amount of time, not having to set up and move set up and move a ladder, it allows them to quickly scan the exterior of the home more efficiently, and safely.

Now, this pest control company uses it throughout its franchises and offers it's inspectors the use of this mirror. carries the best handheld inspection mirrors available in the market today. While there are others out there, none compare to the quality and craftsmanship of the mirrors that we carry.

Handheld Inspection Mirror Buying Options

  • Our basic vehicle inspection mirror is availble with a flat circular lens or a circular convex lens.  The pole telescopes from 33'' to 46'' and has a soft grip handle on the end and mid-way down for your second hand to grip.  This is our most commonly purchase undercarraige inspection mirror.
  • Our second best seller features caster wheels on the bottom that allow the inspector to easily glide the mirror in and out from under the area they are trying to inspect.  Like the basic version, this version is also available with a flat or convex lens.
  • Popular with security companies and the armed forces, we also have product versions with flash-lights.  These flash lights shine a light on the convex or flat mirror so inspectors can see the reflection at night.  

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