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How to Shop for the Right Convex or Dome Mirror for Your Warehouse

A convex mirror is a great component when implementing a warehouse safety and/or loss prevention program. There are two basic types of mirrors used in warehouse environments; round convex mirrors and dome mirrors. Round convex mirrors offer the clearest reflection, the least image distortion, and cover more area than any other safety and security mirror.

Dome mirrors do not provide as much detail or coverage as a round convex mirror and are most effective when used in multiples to ensure adequate coverage. Dome mirrors are best suited when your objective is just seeing motion or movement in areas such as applications with forklift or pedestrian traffic. If you need to see more detail, then a round convex mirror will better suit your needs.

Because of the compressed shape and curvature design of a dome mirror, the objects appear much smaller in a dome mirror and the further you are from the dome the harder it is to view objects in the mirror. Images appear shrunk and distorted when exceeding the capability of a dome mirror. Dome mirrors are best suited for viewing forklift and pedestrian traffic at ranges under 25 feet.  A Full dome mirror is usually suspended from warehouse ceilings to provide a 360 degree panoramic view of the area. A Half dome mirror is mounted on walls at intersecting hall ways, aisles, rows or corridors to view traffic coming from 3 directions.  A quarter dome mirror is used in the corner between two intersecting walls to give visibility of the area and avoid collisions.

  • 12” & 18” domes are suitable for small areas no larger than a 15’X15’ when used singularly.
  • 26” & 30” domes are tailored for medium sized areas no larger than 36’X36’ when used singularly
  • 36” & 48” domes are for large areas not to exceed 50’X50’ when used singularly

Convex mirrors are available in round and rectangular shapes.  The rectangular convex mirror is great in low ceiling applications where clearance is an issue. Both convex mirrors are great at showing detail and can be used to monitor sensitive areas where greater coverage and visibility is needed.  Their presence alone is usually enough to prevent employee theft and vandalism in warehouses.

  • Mirrors are available in 12’, 18”, 26”, 30” & 48” diameters. The distance in feet from your eyeball to where the mirror will be mounted equals one inch in mirror diameter.  Always round up.  For example, if you are standing 22” away from where the mirror will be mounted a 26” mirror is recommended.

Lens material is an important aspect to consider. If you are confident the mirror will be located in an area where free from damage either accidentally or intentionally the acrylic lens will be the most economical choice. If the potential exists that damage could occur, the unbreakable Duramir lens is the safest bet.