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How To Choose The Right Safety Mirror

choose a safety mirror

Safety mirrors come in a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes. Determining each of these factors is based on how the safety mirror is to be used. Most safety mirrors are convex in order to cover the greatest area possible.  In order to weed your way through the various models and select the proper safety mirror, there are a few questions to ask and key points to be cognizant of.


 What Type of Safety Mirror Lens Do I Really Need?

  • Acrylic Mirror – shatterproof and several times stronger than glass with equal reflection characteristics. Able to tolerate mild impacts. Anything over a mild impact the lens will crack but will not shatter like glass  
  • Unbreakable Mirror - exponentially stronger than acrylic and lightweight. Can survive the harshest of impacts and will not shatter, crack or break. Ideal for use in schools, prisons, public areas to protect individuals from harm and as a outdoor mirror where vandalism is an issue
  • Glass Mirror – not recommended for use as a safety mirror because of potential hazardous situations which could occur if the lens were to receive a damaging impact

What Shape Is Best?

  • Round, Circular – the most commonly ordered shape.  Covers the most area. Can be ceiling, wall or pole mounted (pole mounting hardware not included). Ball and swivel mount allows for angling and adjustment
  • Rectangular, roundtangular – rectangular design is ideal for low clearance areas. A popular choice for viewing down wide retail store aisles. Swivel arm will provide proper mirror positioning. May also be ceiling or wall mounted
  • Dome – full dome, half dome, and quarter dome versions available. Ceiling mounted full domes provide an overhead, panoramic view. Half dome mirrors can be wall or ceiling mounted offering a 180 degree view, ideal for hallway intersections. Quarter dome mirrors are mounted to a ceiling where two inside corners meet and provide a 90 degree view


How Do I Know What Size Safety Mirror I Need?

  • The distance in feet between where the safety mirror will be mounted to where you will be positioned (behind your desk, counter, standing, sitting in your car, etc.) equals the diameter of the mirror in inches:
    • Up to 12’ = 12” diameter mirror
    • 12’-18’ = 18” diameter mirror
    • 18’-26’ = 26” diameter mirror
    • 26’-30’ = 30” diameter mirror
    • 30’-36’ = 36” diameter mirror
    • 36’-60’ = 48” diameter mirror

How Many Mirrors Will I Need?

  • Generally speaking, for every direction you need to see equals the number of mirrors needed.
    • If you are in need to a safety mirror at the end of your driveway to view traffic  coming from the left and right you would need 2 mirrors – one for each direction
    • If are a convenience store clerk needing to see customer activity in blind spot areas, you would need one mirror to cover each blind spot area
    • If you are a preschool teacher and you need to keep an eye over the play area, each entry and exit points, etc, you would need a safety mirror in each area to clearly monitor activity

Where should I Mount A Safety Mirror?

  • Eye level is usually the best placement but positioning could vary based on your application. If you are in a retail or warehouse environment, placing the mirror higher and at a slightly downward angle would allow you to see a wider scope of an area. If you are in a manufacturing facility or production area sometimes it’s more advantageous to place the mirror at floor level pointing upward at an angle to view activity overhead.

How Do I Care For the mirror?

A safety mirror will provide years of service with very little maintenance. If the lens becomes dusty or dirty simply wipe clean with a mild, bleach-free detergent. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals or solvents as they may damage the reflective coating. The fasteners should be checked yearly to make sure they are tight and snug.  

I Still Need Helping Finding A Safety Mirror!

If you are still having a hard time deciding upon which safety mirror best matches your need then please give us a call. We will be glad to offer assistance and advice – the call is free.  We are available M-F 8AM-5PM EST


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