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How Security and Convex Mirrors Can Help Your Business

There are many safety and security concerns that exist today, especially for businesses. Businesses are constantly seeking safety and security solutions for themselves and never feel totally secure. Many companies deal with security concerns with expensive technology such as camera surveillance to keep an eye on what's happening from all angles at all times. Security cameras are a good deterrent but the truth is they are rather expensive. Not only do you have to purchase the camera, you have to get it installed, install some sort of viewing monitor, and then software to record. Too expensive and time consuming for most small businesses. Security mirrors are a great, cost effective alternative solution.


One security measure that many companies overlook is that of security mirrors. Mirrors are an extremely simple solution as they increase the visibility of all the areas of your location. You must simply effectively train your employees on how use them properly and find practical locations for them around your business.

Security mirrors such as convex mirrors are also relatively inexpensive compared to other security methods. Convex mirrors are designed to give a view of plenty of different angles from a location which not only makes a difference when it comes to surveillance but can help employees avoid accidents on the job. Convex mirrors are best known for their place in automobiles, possessing the message "objects in mirror are closer than they appear." The purpose is to describe the characteristic of the mirror to distort one's vision.

Using Convex Mirrors for Your Retail Store Security Needs

Selecting a Convex Mirror for your Security Needs could easily seem like a daunting task because of all the choices. There are a variety of different lens types, like acrylic, glass, unbreakable Duramir, polycarbonate, and stainless steel. Each of the different lens types have applications where they perform better than others, as well as different price points. Then you have the type of backing you will need. There are mirrors with no backing, mirrors with hardboard, treated hardboard, ABS, and stainless steel. Next is size; how large of a convex security mirror do you actually need? Finally, there are mounting options and mounting hardware. All of these will impact the type of security mirror you choose and what type of options you decide to go with. Most popular type of convex mirror lenses:

  • Glass - Glass is what we typically think of when we think of mirrors. Glass mirrors offer a sharp, crisp view. Glass does not scratch easily but will easily shatter when broken. This makes glass a great choice for areas where breakage won't occur. Upgraded models of glass lenses feature a coating that will stop the glass from shattering when broken.
  • Acrylic - Acrylic is tougher than glass, offers a quality view. When it breaks, it will tend to shatter, like glass, but the shards are not as sharp and dangerous as glass shards would be. Acrylic will scratch slightly easier than glass will.
  • Duramir - The Duramir lens types is a virtually unbreakable lens type. Made from the same material as 2-liter bottles, this type of lens is indestructible. While offering a good, clear view, the Duramir lens type is wonderful for areas where vandalism may occur or where safety form broken glass is the most important.
  • Stainless Steel - Stainless steel lenses are bare-none the most durable and tough of security mirror lenses. Stainless steel is highly polished steel and will not only withstand the elements, it will withstand virtually any punishment. Although it is the most expensive of the lens types, stainless steel is a great investment because it will last forever.

Type of Security Mirror Backing:

  • No backing - No backing on a convex mirror or dome security mirror is ok for indoor applications only. When you choose a convex mirror without a backing, you get the benefits of the lens type and are able to save a little money.
  • Hardboard - Hardboard backing is good indoor choice when you want a backing but and will keep your mirror indoors.
  • Treated hardboard - Treated hardboard is a hardboard backing painted with a special weather resistant paint to protect it from the elements.
  • ABS - ABS is a tough plastic backing.
  • Stainless steel - Stainless steel backing is the best choice for extreme outdoor conditions. Although treated hardboard is good outdoors, and suitable for most locations, if you get a lot of rain and or extreme cold conditions, use a stainless steel backing.

Convex Mirrors to Deter Employee Theft

Another extremely useful application for a convex mirror is the use in the workplace to deter and cut down on employee theft. One good example is the use of a convex mirror outside an office to monitor sensitive areas from your desk to monitor subordinates to make sure they are putting their work schedule to productive use. Just the employees awareness that a mirror is place is deterrence enough to keep even the most suspicious people straight. Convex mirrors also work great on assembly lines. Not only can the convex mirror used for surveillance purposes to keep a watchful eye on thievery, they can also be used a training and productivity tool to ensure employees are performing job duties effectively and responsibly. Convex mirrors are also a favorite tool for warehouses and supply chains where there is constant activity with material handlers. The wholesale beer wine & spirits industry rely heavily on the use of strategically placed convex mirrors for theft deterrence purposes. The cost of the convex mirror is considerably cheaper than just one good bottle of Bordeaux or aged single malt whiskey.

Who would have thought the using a simple, inexpensive little ole' convex mirror would pay such huge dividends from an employee cost and production perspective? You do have to spend money to make or even save money but its a comfort knowing its not necessarily relative to the amount you have to spend. Even the most expensive and elaborate convex mirror would pay for itself in as little as one day.

Using Dummy Cameras with Convex Mirrors as an Effective Plan

The popularity of dummy cameras has reached an upsurge for obvious reason that it can really help in deterring criminals. This is useful to those who are just contemplating of having security system in their properties. This is equally helpful for those who already have an existing security but still needs some boost on their system of safety. When you are searching for security system which can be installed within your property, you may want to consider dummy security cameras used with convex mirror. This will not only assure you of safety, but savings as well.

Dummy security cameras used with convex mirror can be used as your first line of defense in the critical areas of the home. This can be installed in the gates, driveway, hallways and others. These areas would require a very watchful eyes as these are the favorite point of entry of most burglars. If you are going to install it on your business, it can be places on entrance and exit areas. This can be proven very useful on aisle of the racks of your store where shoplifting may commonly happen. While it is advised to have real ones installed, the dummy ones can be as effective. The mere presence of these cameras with convex mirror is enough to scare off the would-be intruders. They are automatically fended off with just a sight of these cameras giving them the feeling that their actions are being watched and recorded.

Dummy security cameras used with convex mirror are devices which really look like the real and working models. Even experts find it quite difficult to distinguish the dummy from the real ones.  With this installed, your home or your business premise will look like it has a complete security system. it would be better if you will be able to get those models which were actually derived from the real ones. Choose also the one which comes with special features such as blinking light emitting diode (LED), quality lens, double wires, and motion sensors. Setting up real security system at home or on your business premise can cost significant amount. This is the reason why there are a lot of home and business owner who will settle on those dummy security cameras used with convex mirror. What you really just need to do is to choose a model which will really look authentic.

There are different online stores where you will be able to get dummy cameras which really look like genuine. All you have to do is to shop around and check the different features that they offer. When you decide to have this device installed within your premises, make sure that this information will not be divulge to others or only to those you trust completely. Having many people know that you have this fake security system can expose you to risk. The fewer people know that you have dummy cameras the more effective this device will be in the long run.

180 Degree Half Dome Mirrors to Monitor Production Areas

Security mirrors come with several uses inside a home and most especially at the businesses or companies. The main purpose of these mirrors is to provide safety for the establishment, building or place where they are placed. Usually, security 180 degree mirrors for use in production areas. You will become capable to see the blind spots in the driveways and scan the aisles inside your store while giving the adequate protection needed.

For a cheap security solution, the surveillance security mirrors are great and ideal for protecting all your products and investments. When these mirrors are placed on the ceilings or walls, entrance, exits, in between the aisles as well as all over the corners, viewing the environment will become easier and distinct. Security 180 degree mirrors for use in production areas have the power to catch anyone who has an intention to steal any items inside your store, a great advantage that only these mirrors can provide.

Obtaining the domed mirrors that are placed at the ceiling of the gas bars would aid the owners of businesses like you to watch the customers who are standing near the gas pumps. Big stores have these security 180 degree mirrors for use in production areas. They are known to be more flexible to cover the huge floor space shops that have several aisles. These mirrors are very useful when it comes to safety. Driveways should have blind corner mirrors which could be helpful in overcoming accidents and risk. Aside from letting anyone see the cars, pedestrians and children who are playing on the road, this will also help you or other people to see the traffic. When you have shrubs and walls in the tail of the driveway, you may consider and use the round blind corner mirrors so that you can view the traffic and people who are on the street.

Also, the hospital needs them in the same way as with other establishments, offices and buildings. Since hospitals have several hallways, corners, the staffs including the patients could see the corners before they proceed moving to ensure their safety. Safety is very important, most especially during emergency situations.

Inside an office or workplace, similar situation may arise when using blind corner mirrors. Employees of a company must be aware of security 180 degree mirrors for use in production areas. By means of it, they will be able to protect themselves against accidents that may cause them to get injured. If you have a company, you should provide the building with security mirrors that have a 180 degree viewing angle.

Other locations that can also get benefits from these kinds of mirrors are the manufacturing companies, warehouses, libraries, restaurants, schools as well as the loading docks. The department or grocery stores where the customers are allowed to use the pushing carts could also get certain benefits coming from these mirrors. They will be able to have it when they are placed in the areas wherein they can easily view the succeeding corner.  These places may also consider security 180 degree mirrors for use in production areas. 

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