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Improve Your Loss Prevention Plan with Forklift Mirrors

If you have ever worked in a warehouse with a forklift, you will know that accidents happen.  I can't tell you how many times the side view mirrors on our forklifts have been knocked off.  

Luckily for us, we stock replacement forklift mirrors that we feel, in many cases, are better than the mirror that came from the factory.

Often overlooked, there are some obvious, and not so obvious reasons you must ensure your warehouse forklift has the necessary mirrors installed.


Forklift Mirrors for Warehouse Safety

 The term "warehouse safety" is often treated as a cliche in many businesses around America, but the truth is that managers and employees MUST take workplace safety seriously.  There are many pitfalls business owners and managers can fall in and easily recover from.  A serious accident at the workplace isn't one of them.

This is even more true in a warehouse environment that has forklifts. Even with great training, accidents can happen and if they happen with a forklift involved, changes are it might be catastrophic.  One way these events occur is when a driver neglects the safety precautions he or she was instructed to follow and/or when a passerby is not paying attention.

As a manager or business owner, your job is to provide the proper training, as well as provide the proper safety tools for your workers.  Not have a rear-view mirror on your forklift safety is a major NO-GO!  Can you imagine driving your car around town without a rear or side-view mirror?  It's even trickier at work due to more congestion, tighter turns, and pedestrians walking around--sometimes aimlessly.  One tiny mistake could cost your company a fortune, or worse, seriously hurt an employee.

The thing that makes this matter worse is how easy it would be to replace a broken or missing forklift mirror with ones supplied by

OSHA Forklift Safety Tips:

  • No one under 18 yrs old may operate a forklift
  • Inspect and maintain the forklift prior to each use
  • Proper mounting and dismounting from forklift
  • Apply break slowly when stopping and set parking break
  • Drive at a slow speed
  • Pay attention to your environment and pedestrians
  • More tips may be found here: OSHA Forklift Operation

Forklift Mirrors Help With Loss Prevention

When you choose the right forklift mirrors, you’ll find that these affordable, compact accessories assist with surveillance and with worker safety. The best forklift mirrors will offer excellent magnification of rear views, thereby preventing accidents, and they will also help forklift drivers to keep an eye on things around a warehouse or other industrial area. When theft is common in a facility, keeping tabs on select parts of a building via forklift mirrors will serve as an effective loss prevention method that really gets results.

In addition, once other staff members or visitors spot these mirrors on forklifts, they will realize that forklift drivers may be able to see what they are doing even when they seem to be looking in the other direction. This provides a powerful deterrent to theft, vandalism, or other misconduct that inevitably costs a business owner or company good money.

Search for Durable Designs that are OSHA-approved

When you’re searching for forklift mirrors, look for rugged construction that will stand up to heavy use. Typically, premier forklift mirrors will be crafted from tough, collision-resistant plastic that provides a high degree of protection from damage, while also giving forklift drivers the unprecedented ability to detect “blind spots”. Any forklift mirrors that you choose should always be built to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines.

Types of Forklift Mirrors

There are two main styles of forklift mirrors, and the first is called a Forklift Convex Mirror. This type of mirror has a distinctive circular appearance which is similar to the security mirrors that you may sometimes notice in retail outlets or offices. Small, round, and silvery in color, these affordable convex designs are available through community retailers or online companies.

Quite often, shopping online will provide benefits, as online retailers tend to charge less for their designs, and they may also offer a greater selection of forklift mirrors. Community retailers may “mark up” the prices of their designs because they have higher overhead.

The second type of forklift mirror is a clip-on convex mirror, which is particularly easy to install. Versatile and so easy to move from one machine to the next, this type of mirror will provide a wealth of benefits to users.

All of these styles will offer superlative viewing of blind spots which may trigger collisions or other safety problems. Your workers will be protected from accidents when they have forklift mirrors attached to their machines.

5 Forklift Mirror Styles to Choose From:

  • 5-inch diameter, glass convex forklift mirror :The LFS-E-50 is a circular shaped galss convex mirror available in 5'' and 8'' sizes.  Each has a black metal back and are weather resistant.
  • 8-inch diameter,full dome acrylic mirror for warehouse equipment: the AV08F-B is a small, acrylic dome mirror with a 8'' diameter for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Chrome plated forklift mirror: similar to the type of rear view mirror you would have in a car or truck, the M-70-B is a chrome plated steel rear view mirror.  This makes for a rugged, almost indestructible forklift mirror that will last a lifetime.
  • Rectangular glass convex forklift mirror in two sizes
  • Acrylic convex rectangular shaped forklift mirror - the LFS-E-48 and PE-69 are our most popular selling forklift mirrors.  These acrylic and glass convex mirrors are rectangular is shape and offer a wide angle viewing area.  The acrylic rectangular forklift mirror is ideal in most warehouse environments.

Whatever style you choose, you’ll be sure to appreciate the way that these practical devices add value to your business, while also protecting workers from accidents which may result in costly litigation and/or serious injuries.  Take a moment to watch the short video below that provides a breif overview of our forklift mirrors:



Of course, from a loss prevention standpoint, these useful mirrors are also very clever and reasonably-priced tools that will allow your staff to monitor their work-spaces from any angle, while still performing their regular duties.

Now that you know more about convex and clip-on forklift mirrors, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not these sensible accessories are right for your warehouse or industrial facility.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about these products or any other questions.