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Mirror Questions and Answers

What type of mirror should I use in my warehouse to prevent injuries?

The security and safety mirrors on MirrorPros are virsatile and may be used in a variety of ways for a variey of purposes.  Security and safety mirrors are virtually the same thing, it just depends on how you use them.

One of the most common uses of convex and dome mirrors are as a safetry mirror, in hopes that the proper placement of these mirrors will reduce the chance of injury.

Dome mirrors are typically the mirror of choice for safety purposes. 

Full dome mirrors may be hung from cieling using supplied chains or mounted directly on the ceiling with supplies mounting brackets.  Full dome mirrors offer a 360 degree view and allow people a view of all possible angles of oncomming traffic, decreasing injuries.  They are best used in wide open spaces are in areas where there is a four-way intersections. 


Other choices are half-dome mirrors which are mounted at "T" intersections.  A good example of this type of intersection is an office or warehouse area where a hallway opens up to a larger area.  WHen someone is walking down the hallway into the larger room, they will be able to quickly glance for oncoming traffic.


Quarter dome mirrors are used at "L" shaped intersections, like two hallways that meet at a right angle.  This mirror offers a 120 degree veiw and allows either side to preview on coming traffic.

L Shaped Intersection Quarter Dome Mirror

I need an outdoor mirror?

There are two important factors to consider when deciding on an outdoor mirror.  On the website, we have tried to take the guess work out by labeling mirrors are outdoor rated.  Obviously outdoor rated mirrors may be used indoors but not vice versa!

The first thing to consider is the lens material itself.  Primarily, if the mirror is mounted outdoors, will environmental factors harm the lens.  Not necessarily weather realted but will debris, vandalism, or theft play a role?  Is it an outdoor playground, or a traffic mirror?  For example, you would not want a glass mirror on a playground.  If it ever breaks, and vandalism will occur, will glass breakage pose a threat to kids and others?  If you answered yes, you would want to consider something like acrylic which won't break as easily as glass and won't shatter.  If you think things like vandalism is a high probability, I would recommend the Duramir brand of mirror lens which is virtually indestructible.

Nex is the mirror backing type which will help protect the mirror from the environment.  If you are mounting a mirror outdoors, you need to go with either the treated hardboard backing, the ABS backing, or even a steel backing for extreme outdoor conditions.  For indoor use, a simple hardboard backing will suffice.

For a better understanding of the types of backing, please take a couple of minutes to view this short video which illustrates the types of security mirror backings available.