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Corner Medicine Cabinets Are Space Savers!

Corner medicine cabinets are optimal for use in tight constrained powder rooms or restrooms. These cabinets easily utilize interior corners that would otherwise be unused. The above sink location is convenient for access to contents behind the mirrored cabinet door and offers no interfere with doorway or passageway access.

Unlike under-sink locations, it also offers no interference with standing room leg space. If you are planning to add a needed powder room in niche locations such as underneath a stairway, these corner cabinets can help take maximum advantage of the available space. 

MirrorPro corner cabinets:

  • Offer needed storage in tight locations,
  • Utilize unused corner space,
  • Help eliminate clutter around sinks,
  • Free up doorways, passageways and standing legroom,
  • Help make maximum use of available small spaces,
  • Multiple cabinet models:
    • Corner cabinet bathroom model 1333
    • Corner medicine cabinet with mirror models 1430, 1436

CMC-1430 Ketcham Cabinets

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CMC-1333 Ketcham Cabinets

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Corner Cabinet Bathroom units

Model 1333 Corner Medicine Cabinet:
Manufactured by Ketcham Cabinets

Small bathrooms with tight clearances can benefit from the Corner mounted series of medicine cabinets. These stainless steel corner cabinets let you take full advantage of a small powder room space, especially when located in a special constrained location. Compact storage space can utilize corners without interfering with doorways. Above-sink location does not interfere with standing leg room. The rust resistant finish on the stainless steel frame, door and shelves is available in Polished or Satin finish. The European hinge design allows adjusting the fit of the cabinet door six ways. 


  • Space saving corner cabinet,
  • Stainless Steel Frame construction,
  • Overall height: 33 1/2",
  • Overall width: 13 13/16",
  • Overall depth: 5 1/2",
  • Surface mounted single door medicine cabinet,
  • Two fixed metal shelves,
  • Constructed of heavy duty 22 gauge stainless steel with rust-resistant finish,
  • Cabinet body and shelves have Polished or Satin finish,
  • 1/8” thick first-quality electro-copper plating glass mirror,
  • Polished edge finish plate glass mirror,
  • Split butt piano hinge mounted on the left side,
  • Pan doors are 3/4" thick with rubber door silencers, non-magnetic closure.
  • Pan door construction allows European hinge design.
  • Six-way adjustment of cabinet door fit,
  • One-year warranty

Corner Medicine Cabinet with Mirror:
Models 1430, 1436
Manufactured by Ketcham Cabinets

These space saving corner medicine cabinets are manufactured with bodies and doors of 20 gauge white baked enamel steel for structural strength in surface mount situations. A piano hinge mount for the door runs along the length of the cabinet to evenly divide the weight of the door and prevent single hinges from pulling out over time. Removable shelves are made of 1/4" rounded edge glass and fit on fixed shelf brackets in the body of the cabinet. The available sizes are 14" width x 30" length with two glass shelves or 14"width x 36" length with three glass shelves. These cabinets offer two mirror finish options of polished edge or beveled edge. The cabinets are invertible to open left or right when mounted. 


  • Medicine cabinet with single mirrored door,
  • Space-saving corner design,
  • Rust resistant finish,
  • Full-length piano hinge,
  • Magnetic door catch,
  • White Baked Enamel Finish,
  • Heavy duty 20 gauge Stainless steel frame,
  • Mirror/door 3/16" thick first-quality plate glass door,
  • Mirror edge options: Beveled or Polished Edge,
  • Removable 1/4" rounded edge glass shelves,
  • Overall size:
    • Model 1430: 14" width x 30" length with two shelves,
    • Model 1436: 14" width x 36" length with three shelves,
  • One-year warranty

Whatever your needs for compact storage that maximizes the usefulness of your tight spaces, consider using a company with many years in the mirror and bathroom fittings supply business. Let our professionals assess your cabinet needs and offer the most appropriate light, normal or heavy-duty solutions for your environment. Our products are suitable for commercial, professional or residential environments. We offer products that meet HUD housing guidelines. 

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