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Convex Mirrors Deter Crime In Retail Store and Malls

If you own a convenience store and you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of thefts that you're experiencing on a daily (and nightly) basis, you need help.   After all, these thefts affect your bottom line, and they also cause big hassles related to your inventory orders and general business planning.

Deter Crime with Mounted Convex Mirrors

One of the best ways to deter thieves is to keep a close watch on strategic areas of your store through the usage of rectangular convex mirrors. These affordable security mirrors are custom-made to provide amazing visibility that is available to you while you maintain your position at the cash register or in the back office.   You may place a rectangular convex mirror wherever it suits you, and then monitor your store from your preferred location.   Much cheaper than additional security cameras or in-store security guards, rectangular convex mirrors are designed to offer the ultimate in security without the daunting price tag.

For many convenience store owners or managers, rectangular convex mirrors are ideal security accessories that truly pay for themselves over the short term.   Take Control of Your Store's Security with Anti-Theft Mirrors If thieves are cutting into your profits and making you feel irritable and out of control, why not nip thefts in the bud by installing these handy surveillance mirrors?   Once prospective thieves spot your mirrors, they'll instantly realize that you can see exactly what they are doing, even if you're many feet away from them.   These mirrors act as powerful psychological deterrents to theft, and they allow you to catch thieves red-handed.

When you get proactive about your store's security by installing affordable, high-quality rectangular, you'll take back the control that you've lost, and you'll change the way that feel about your security system's effectiveness.   These mirrors offer brilliant clarity that will allow you to minimize or eliminate pilferage in your retail outlet, and the best styles are designed to last for years.  

Some convex mirrors are vandal-proof security mirrors and some feature steel backs for superior durability.   Look for rugged styles that won't need to be replaced very often, if at all.   You may find these useful and reasonably-priced security accessories at security mirror outlets online. In fact, buying from an online dealer is often smarter than buying rectangular convex mirrors in your own community.

Convex mirrors are a mall or retail store's first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. Each of these mirrors is capable of increasing the visibility in aisles as well as eliminating blind spots. In addition, these are also excellent when used as safety mirror to prevent accidents in industrial intersections. The use of these mirrors against any other types is more pronounced since they are lightweight, almost perfect convexing, fade-proof, and nearly unbreakable for its top-quality silvering that provides any establishment with the widest angle in visibility.

Advantages of Using Convex Mirrors

Our outdoor mirrors are manufactured from top quality materials since they must be durable enough to combat many elements, either caused by man or nature. But the popular uses of convex mirrors are due to the following reasons:

  • Convex mirrors are a mall store's first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage.
  • It increases area visibility
  • Eliminates areas’ blind spots
  • Prevents accidents in industrial intersections
  • Easy installation
  • Hardware needed are included
  • Shatter resistant
  • Low distortion
  • Provides excellent visibility
  • Bracket included

Since convex mirrors are a mall store's first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage, it is just right that you will be able to use the appropriate one for your business given a wide variety of these types of mirrors in the market. You can use wide view security convex mirrors for indoors. These are designed for intersections with high traffic and blind access to major aisles.  Distribution centers and warehouses are best protected with these mirrors where high stacks of racks as well as storage aisles and blind exits outfits the area. These types of convex mirrors are manufactured by combining standard convex with mirrored dome, thus providing a curvature in mirror with wider view. You can get a 30 to 35 feet viewing range in both directions from this type of convex mirror.

They are also good as safety or preventive mirrors that are aimed in preventing business intersection accidents. Mirrors are fade-proof, lightweight as well as unbreakable with high quality silvering. Additional weatherproofing is also available for outdoor mirror. They are in all aspects better compared to glass. The mirror provides 20% brighter result in mirrors than glass with less distortion. This means that you will be provided with optical image which is far more superior to glass. These come in either acrylic or stainless-steel lenses and virtually are impossible to break, perfect for theft-prone areas. You will be provided with lightweight and longer lasting defense against extreme weather impact. Convex mirrors are available for outdoor and indoor application where there is a great need for traffic control, area protection, as well as traffic equipment.

Both indoor and outdoor models of these mirrors come in different sizes that will provide you with wide view or just the right range of view you require and are all weatherproof. So when high winds blow and extreme heat and rain are experienced, your convex mirrors will be able to withstand all that. Convex detection mirrors are a retail store's first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage for the wide angle view they provide, allowing you to see corners and prevent dangerous collisions and accidents.

Online retailers offer competitive pricing because they don't have the high overhead of local retailers, and they also offer more styles than most community-based sellers do.   Of course, you'll also appreciate the way that you may order your mirrors from the comfort and privacy of your own home (or from your convenience store computer terminal or personal smart phone).   Shipping costs will vary; however, in general, the cost of shipping out lightweight mirrors is not very high. Now that you know more about rectangular convex mirrors, you'll be ready to choose a few styles (or even one security mirror) that work perfectly for your business. Each mirror will come with sturdy and rugged mounting hardware, and installation will require no special technical skills or unusual tools. So, what are you waiting for?

Take control of your business by creating an anti-theft system with high-quality rectangular convex mirrors.  If you would like to speak to someone at MirrorPros about our mirrors, please contact us.