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All of Our Mirrors are Made in America

At MirrorPros, we feel like when you have a choice, you should buy American Made products.  

You'll hear all the time that all of our manufacturing has moved overseas and that's simply not true.  We choose to buy our security and safety mirrors from American companies for several reasons, but primarily, we have found them to better made with better quality products.

Why Buy American Made Products?

  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Higher quality products
  • US Manufacturing means more jobs for Americans
  • Put money back into America
  • America has high standards for working conditions, human rights, no child labor, etc.

On top of all of this, we believe it's simply the right thing to do.  Our mirror manufacturers have never let us down and we won't let them down either. They continue to provide us with high quality mirrors at the best possible prices. Shop around and you will see.  If you find mirrors less expensive than ours, it's more than likely because you are getting a product that's constructed of inferior products and has poor workmanship.