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Why An Acrylic Mirror Is An Excellent Safety and Security Mirror

Acrylic mirrors are one of the lowest cost, highest yield items in any safety and security initiative to prevent accidents, deter crime and unwanted activities as well as increase visibility around your business and home.  Most acrylic mirrors have a convex lens in order to provide a wider view than a standard flat mirror.  This will allow you to cover more area and help you keep watch over sensitive areas. 

An acrylic mirror has a shatterproof lens that will survive moderate impacts. If the mirror receives a damaging impact, it will not shatter or leave dangerous shards like a glass convex mirror.  Acrylic mirrors are available in round convex, rectangular convex, full dome, half dome and quarter dome shapes. 






 Common uses and applications of acrylic mirrors:

  • Safety Mirror    
  • Security Mirror
  • Warehouse Mirror
  • Childcare Mirror
  • Convenience Store Mirror
  • Traffic Mirror
  • Driveway Mirror
  • Hospital Mirror
  • Retail Store Mirror
  • Outdoor Mirror
  • Garage Mirror

For those not familiar with acrylic, acrylic is a plastic material made from petroleum exhibiting glass-like properties but considered superior in many ways.  Acrylic mirrors are extremely lightweight and can used in virtually all but the most harsh and extreme conditions where a convex mirror is required.  Half the weight of glass and many times stronger, acrylic mirrors are multifunctional mirrors that can be used in a variety of different applications. They may be used as an indoor mirror or outdoor mirror for safety and security purposes. The reflection characteristics of acrylic mirrors have improved dramatically over the last few years. The best quality acrylic has a brilliant reflection rivaling glass and will not yellow over time like most imported or lesser quality acrylic is prone to.  Mounting an acrylic mirror requires no special skills and can often be accomplished by one person although larger diameter mirrors may require additional help.  Harsh solvents or chemicals should not be applied to the lens surface of an acrylic mirror as this will tarnish and erode the reflective coating of the mirror. Should the lens of the mirror need cleaning, a mild dish soap without bleach should be used.  


Key Properties and Characteristic of Acrylic Mirrors:

  • Exhibits refection qualities like glass – clear, crisp and brilliant
  • Lightweight - half the weight of glass
  • Good impact resistance –  durable and shatterproof
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors – superior weather resistance
  •  Good quality acrylic will not yellow – stay away from imports or cheaper quality acrylic
  • Low maintenance -  easy to care for and provides years of service

Acrylic mirrors are sure to alleviate your issues with blind spots, theft, accidents and just about any issue from a safety and security perspective. Not only are they very reliable, they are extremely low cost often paying for themselves many times over. No matter how large or small your budget may be do not overlook their value. From a single homeowner needing a traffic mirror to a national retailer needing to cover hundreds of stores, acrylic mirrors are counted on day after day as effective safety and security mirrors.