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What Is A Security Mirror?

Please feel free to read this page which offers a brief summary of what security mirrors are and how they are used.  Unless you already know a lot about these mirrors, it can seem a little overwhelming.  At anytime, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-366-7235 or email us at and we would be happy to help you choose the best mirror for your needs or answer any other questions you may have.



A Summary Overview of this Page Titled "What is a Security Mirror?"

  • security mirrors allow you to see in hard to see areas and are also great deterrents
  • security mirrors are typically a form of convex mirrors which allow you a larger overview of an area
  • lens types are arcylic, glass, Duramir, and stainless steel
  • as a rule of thumb, one inch mirror size gives 1 ft. of viewing distance
  • dome mirrors are great to see in blind spots and may offer a 360 degree view of an area
  • elevator mirrors are a required in some states and are a security deterrent device


Security Mirror in Store - Dome MirrorA security mirror is a mirrored device used for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Most often a security mirror has a convex lens in either round, rectangular or dome shape but in a few circumstances a security mirror might have a flat lens. A convex lens is preferred because it’s reflective surface bulges outward and shows are wider scope of an area versus flat mirrors which provides a true one to one reflection much like decorative or vanity mirrors. Round and rectangular shaped security mirrors are available in acrylic convex, glass convex, and unbreakable convex lens materials (such as polycarbonate, PETG or Duramir materials).

Dome security mirrors are available in acrylic lens or unbreakable lens materials. Flat security mirrors have a stainless steel frame with a choice of acrylic, glass or stainless steel lenses.  

People often struggle with understanding what size security mirror works best for their application. The most common method to determine the correct size round or rectangular security mirror you will need is one inch of mirror width equals one foot the mirror will be from where you will be looking at the mirror. Dome security mirrors images appear much smaller so you may need to order a larger dome mirror in order to accomplish your goals.

A round security mirror will range in diameter from 12” to 48” mirror. A 48” mirror is typically the largest standard security mirror available. The 48” convex mirror is generally recommended for indoor use only because of its exceptionally large footprint.

Rectangular security mirrors are available in diameters from 12”X18” to as large as 26”X36”. Both round and rectangular security mirrors have mounting brackets with swivel arms to allow for sturdy and multi directional mounting. This type of security mirror is usually wall mounted but can be ceiling mounted as well.  They are commonly used as a store security mirror or surveillance mirror in retail stores, gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores and shops.  A can also be used as a traffic mirror or warehouse mirror in industrial facilities to help with forklift traffic safety.

Dome security mirrors come in full dome (360 degree mirror, 4 way intersection mirror), half dome (180 degree mirror, 3 way intersection mirror, T intersection mirror), quarter dome (90 degree mirror, corner dome mirror, L intersection mirror) shapes. Sizes of dome security mirrors are offered in 12”, 18”, 26”, 32”, 36” & 48” diameters in either acrylic or unbreakable lens materials.  

Full dome mirrors can be hung from the ceiling either by means of hanging chains or flush mount by using predrilled holes in the rim of the mirror or construction adhesives.

Half dome mirrors can be mounted anywhere along a wall or ceiling using pre drilled holes in the rim of the mirror or with construction adhesive. Quarter dome mirrors are mounted to the ceiling in the corner of a wall using pre drilled holes in the rim of the mirror or with construction adhesive. 

Dome security mirrors are often used by offices as a hallway mirror or intersection mirror to prevent accidents.  Manufacturing facilities and industrial plants use dome security mirrors as a warehouse mirror for monitoring and forklift/pedestrian accident prevention.

Dome Security Mirror

Drop in dome mirrors are another form of dome security mirrors which simply drop in 2’X2’ or 2’X4’ ceiling tiles. Drop in domes are easy to install by simply removing a   ceiling tile from a drop ceiling and replacing it with the drop in dome mirror. Drop in domes are available with either 18” or 22” diameters in either a acrylic lens, see through lens or smoked lens.

 Flat security mirrors are offered in dimensions from 9”X12” to 24”X36” and can be either swivel mount or flush mount.  Swivel mount models have a bracket and swivel arm for angling. Flush mount models have a locking keyhole mount and are virtually impossible to remove from the wall. Flat security mirrors are mostly intended for use as a restroom mirror, lab mirror or lavatory mirror. You will find flat security mirrors in industrial facilities, public rest areas, and labs. Flat security mirrors with stainless steel lenses and frames are very rugged, chemical & vandal resistant, and virtually indestructible. Flat security mirrors are found along many assembly lines and labs for use as a production mirror and observation mirror.

For more information about our security mirrors, we recommend you visit our Covex Mirror category, our Dome Mirror category, and Flat Mirror category.  If you have any questions at all, please email or call us.