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Medicine Cabinets and Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

MirrorPros is a great place to find a new Ketcham Medicine Cabinet to fit nicely over the sink or on the main wall of your bathroom. Our full line of medicine cabinets offer style, functionality and storage at a price to fit any buget.

Ketcham's beautiful line of cabinets are mirrored for effect, decoration, and practicality--a great addition to spruce up, accentuate, or serve as a place to serve daily needs to get ready for school, work, or play. Mirrored Medicine Cabinet shopping also need not be overly difficult. Here at, we offer a direct web-page that is a mini-guide for all your Mirrored Medicine Cabinet needs.

Single Door Medicine Cabinets
Our high quality medicine cabinets feature a single door, with different mounting options, such as recessed, surface, and flush mount. The front glass mirror is available with a stainless steel frame, beveled edge, or polished edge.
Three Door Medicine Cabinets
Sleek and Stylish, our three door medicine cabinets are available in recessed, semi-recessed, stainless steel, and lighted versions.

Lockable Medicine Cabinets
Lockable medicine cabinets offered at MirrorPros are sleek and stylish and come in a variety of styles, packed with features. Take a look at this category and call us with any questions you may have on these products.
Lighted Mirror Medicine Cabinets
Lighted medicine cabinets add a nice touch of elegance to what could be seen as an ordinary medicine cabinet. We have two door and three door lighted medicine cabinets in stock and available for immediate shipment
Corner Medicine Cabinets
Corner medicine cabinets fit perfectly in that bathroom corner. With a mirrored door, piano hinges, and baked enamel finish, these cabinets are high end additions to any home

Medicine Cabinet Production Lead Time
Please consult the following table for the approximate lead time required prior to the shipment of your medicine cabinet.

Single, Dual, or Three Door Mirrored Approach?

The first major decision, besides price, is to consider the need for a Single Door Medicine Cabinet, a Dual Door Medicine Cabinet, or a Tri View Medicine Cabinet. Each offers different advantages, which we will review, and all three leave a lasting impression no matter what your preference. The Single Door Medicine Cabinet is very clean in terms of its architectural lines, sleek, and simple. At Ketcham, we believe simple should also be eye-catching, so our mirrored cabinets truly aim to shine in terms of quality and direction.

Single Door, Single Simplicity

Another advantage of the single mirrored door approach is space. If you need significant storage space, you may wish to lean in this direction. A medicine cabinet should be easy to navigate, with plenty of room inside for your personal items such as deodorant, perfume, cologne, toothpaste, medicines, hair appliances, like curling irons, and other daily effects. The single door cabinets offer excellent bathroom storage, while adding a useful and decorative touch to your space.  Our bathroom medicine cabinets are produced with superior quality and affordability. Depending on the style you need we offer them in recessed, semi-recessed, surface mounted and corner mounted in a wide selection of sizes to fit most every application.

Two Doors, More Refraction

A Dual Door Medicine Cabinet is also extremely interesting in terms of its advantages. Two doors lead to a nice effect when open or closed--and they refract the light even more effectively than a single mirrored cabinet does.  The eye-catching 2 door bathroom medicine cabinets are a great addition to your bathroom with a cool contemporary style and clean design. Two mirrored doors open to reveal fixed metal shelves, perfect for keeping toiletries and bathroom necessities organized and accessible.  The choice of a polished stainless steel trimmed mirror of a polished edge frameless mirror allow you to personalize to your unique style. The Dual Door Medicine Cabinet does take up more space, but the double doors offer a nice visual piece and point of entry for the eye and create a more roomy effect while inadvertently refracting more light.  This mirrored medicine cabinet is also offered in a stainless steel version, with fixed stainless steel shelves.

An Innovative Approach

The Tri View Medicine Cabinet is a great option for that person who wishes to put something a little different into the decor  Our tri-view mirror design offers a larger reflection area, allowing you to get a full, multi-angle view in one glance using multiple door openings.  Great for actually viewing the back of your hair!  The three-door medicine cabinets also provides more storage, and is a great way to store all of your bathroom toiletries, from washcloths to curling irons. Vitamins are at home in the three-door cabinet and are an easy hand's reach away.

Child and Thief Proof Options

If safety is an issue, which it often is these days with young children getting all sorts of crazy ideas, the Lockable Medicine Cabinet offers a great alternative to the usual mirrored doors. The Lockable Medicine Cabinet allows you to simply lock the cabinet when it is not in use, so people visiting the home can't get that often cliched, curious itch to see what's inside the cabinet. A great advantage to this cabinet, is its ability to be safety approved for children; it locks, so no dangerous exposures to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other products can occur. Keeping the key on the keychain or within reach tucked safely in a drawer will keep unwanted visitors from visiting your medicine cabinet.

To Accentuate the Eye, Some Light

The Lighted Mirror Medicine Cabinet creates a nice effect, with light and mirror lending a nice depth and quality of refraction or brightness to the space. A small space seems much bigger when it is lighted and has a mirror in it, so the Lighted Mirror Medicine Cabinet is a great option for adorning the space a little more than the clean lines of the other single-door approaches. The light adds a slight flourish, which can create a warm, soft effect, and also can dress up a space the way that light dresses up a dressing room itself.

Sliding Doors Offer More Than Visual Effect

The Sliding Door Medicine Cabinet is an interesting concept in and of itself because it creates a very different feel and has a very different way of use. Doors that swing open are attractive, easy to use, and straightforward while the Sliding Door Medicine Cabinet has a utilitarian approach that discourages the constant opening of the doors, while still allowing for the handy storage of personal items.  The Sliding Door Series is functional utility, pure and simple. It features stainless steel trim and a built-in incandescent top light, sliding doors, a convenient grounded outlet and an integral on-off switch. Easy to install and use, it will help you keep everything ship-shape.  Sliding Door Medicine Cabinets in general are a less trendy product and have been in style for years.  They tend to have a more eclectic feel that reflects a slightly more adventurous and different approach. They are easy to open, attractive, and a gorgeous addition to any bathroom space. 

Diagonal Cabinets for Corners

Finally, the Corner Medicine Cabinet is a great addition to anyone's bathroom, especially in a small space, or one devoid or wall space.  The Corner Medicine Cabinet fits neatly into a corner to save space if a simple mirror or other decor is preferred over the sink. This type of cabinet will tuck away your things in relative style, with a stainless steel series that aesthetically announces its modern, sleek approach.

If you are short on availalbe wall space, but still need some extra storage in the bathroom, a corner medicine cabinet is a unique idea for accentuating space in a way that is innovative, flexible, and eye-catching. Corner cabinets are great at tucking away the personal pharmaceutical influences that dot our lives.  This can be a nice way to tuck away the clutter of the bathroom inside of this handy and functional cabinet.

No matter what your approach is in terms of personal style, Ketcham Cabinets and Accessories offers something for everyone. From clean, sleek lines to innovative ideas that stand out like the corner cabinet, these products are designed to improve your life by simplifying, accentuating, and clarifying personal space. A medicine cabinet may not seem like the most important in terms of furnishing, but it is something that you will see every single day, an item that silently will improve your life by greeting you every  morning. Most people spend at least ten minutes in front of it each morning as they find their daily stride.

Sometimes spending time in the space itself makes sense as well as getting out the measurement tape. Making a list of pros and cons always does aid in these decisions as does getting a second opinion, which can't ever truly hurt.

Finally, remember: Decorating can be fun. It doesn't have to be void of whimsy. You can add your own touch to the room. The medicine cabinet is often a central object in terms of vision and placement, so building a room around it can be a great way to provide inspiration for a decorating project and bathroom remodel. Decorating or furnishing a house is always an investment, one that MirrorPros and Ketcham Cabinets take seriously.

Affordability is extremely important, and yet our cabinets are built to last year after year. Whatever your budget or need, we can lend a hand in making sure that this purchase is one that will continue to pay off year after year.