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Glass Convex Mirrors

120-B MirrorPros

Glass convex mirror with hardboard backing for indoor use only. Glass mirrors offer excellent chemical & scratch resistance. No yellowing from UV light. Preferred in labs, salons & high end retal establishments.

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080MR-B MirrorPros

Glass convex mirror with steel backing for outdoor use. May be used in industrial applications such as labs, manufacturing facilities and processing plants where chemical resistance is needed. Thick, brilliant and heavy duty USA glass.

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  • About Glass Convex Mirrors
  • Industrial & Warehouse Applications

Glass Mirror - Convex Safety & Security Mirrors With Beautiful Reflection and Scratch Resistance

Glass Convex MirrorOur glass mirrors are constructed of the finest quality convex glass to deliver a superior reflection and scratch resistance.  Glass convex mirrors can provide years of low maintenance service.

We offer a wide range of sizes to chose from and backing materials for indoor or outdoor applications. We have provided some of the nations top labs and high end retail establishments with the highest quality convex glass mirrors at wholesale prices and we look forward to doing the same for you.

Our Indoor glass convex mirrors are matched with a durable hardboard backing. Glass convex mirrors with hardboard backing is the preferred choice for high end establishments such as medical offices, upscale salon, retail establishments and home use.

Looking for a glass convex mirror with a heavy duty steel backing for warehouse, industrial or institutional applications? A glass mirror with steel backing works perfectly when you want a glass mirror for outdoor applications where the mirror receives constant exposure to weather. We have a multitude of convex glass mirror sizes in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Glass Mirrors:

  • Convex design for use as a safety & security mirror
  • Available in indoor hardboard and galvanized steel backing

  • Comes equipped with mounting brackets, hardware and swivel arm

  • 1” of mirror diameter equals one foot of optimal viewing area. For example, if a mirror is to be located 30 ' from your viewing location then a 30” mirror is recommended. For outdoor traffic and driveway mirrors it is advised to order a mirror one size larger.

  • Available in standard convex diameters of: 12”, 13”, 18”, 26”, 30”, 36”

  • Rectangular convex mirrors available in standard diameters of: 15”x24”, 20”x30”