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Dome Mirrors for Retail, Warehouse, and Garage Safety

Things to consider when choosing a dome mirror:

  • Location of the mirror (indoors or outdoors)
  • Environment where mirror will be located (warehouse, school, etc.)
  • Where the mirror will be mounted (ceiling, wall, corner, etc.)
  • How large of a viewing area needs to be monitored
360 Degree Full Dome Mirror
360 Degree Full Dome Mirror
Our 360 degree full dome mirror is a dome security mirror offering a panoramic view for security and surveillance purposes with the ability to cover large areas. Often used as a dome security mirror in retail stores to prevent theft and as a safety mirror in warehouses to avoid accidents.
Half Dome Mirror
Half Dome Mirror
180 degree dome mirror ideal for 3 way intersections to see oncoming traffic in accident prone areas. Also an effective dome security mirror to aid in viewing hard to see areas from desks, reception areas or work stations. Commonly used in hospitals, offices & warehouses.
Corner Mirror
A corner mirror provides a 90 degree view to eliminate blind spots at two way intersections. Mounts into a corner and allows you to see an entire room. Provides visibility around corners in hallways. May be used in offices or cubicles to see people entering the area.

Ceiling Dome
Ceiling Domes
Ceiling domes with a 360 degree view. Replaces a standard drop in ceiling panel (2'X2'). Shatterproof acrylic lens available in mirrored, smoked and see through lenses. Easy to Install.

Utilize A Dome Mirror To See Down Aisles, Hallways, Blind Spots, Pedesterian and Forklift Traffic. An Inexpensive and Practical Solution To Avoid Accidents and Theft.

A Dome Mirror will offer an effective, low cost means to monitor an area for security, surveillance or safety purposes. We have dome mirrors for 360 (Full Dome) 180 (Half Dome) & 90 (Quarter Dome) degree viewing.

Click Here For Dome Mirror Dimensions & Help Determining The Right Size Dome

  • Dome Mirrors and Safety
  • Types of Dome Mirrors

Do you have problematic areas in your office, workshop, warehouse, or retail store where you cannot see concealed areas or there's a dangerous intersection for your customers or employees?

If so, we would recommend a dome mirror. Dome mirrors are a versatile security and safety mirror you can mount on a ceiling, wall, or hang from the ceiling. There are even versions referred to as "drop in dome" mirrors that replace office tiles you see in office ceilings.

You've seen them in many locations. They are actual convex mirrors with a large outward curve, from the edges to the center with the center (or focal point) being higher than the edges. This provides viewers with a panoramic, wide angle viewing of an area. From a close distance to many feet away, ceiling, dome, or "bubble mirrors" are used as safety mirror, security mirror, or both.

Common uses for Dome Mirrors: 

Surveillance Mirror: Mounting a security mirror on the ceiling, wall, intersection or corner of your business, will help deter theft.  Knowing that you are being watched puts a damper on a would be shoplifter.

MiirrorPros also carries a smoked dome mirror that drops-in to a ceiling concealing a security camera or other device. Because you cannot see through the smoked lens, you may not even need a camera inside.  However, the idea that there MAY BE a camera inside recording a customers every move has a dramatic effect on shop lifting.

Retail Store: Typically mounted near an aisle or at a corridor intersection, store owners and shop managers use these mirrors to avoid costly workplace accidents. They may also use these mirrors to monitor the activity with the store itself and the wide angle view provides an excellent view they may not have had before.

Warehouses: Used primarily as a safety device, the mirrors are mounted at an indoor warehouse, typically at hallway intersections, aisles intersections, or other areas where potential accidents may occur. OSHA requires business owners to provide a safe workplace for their employees. By providing safety mirrors, accidents may be avoided.

Offices: Work locations use dome mirrors for a variety of reasons. The drop-in dome replace a ceiling tile and are available in 4'x4' or 4'x6' models. Because workers cannot see-through the smoked lens they do not know if they are being monitored or not. Ceiling domes drop right into the ceiling requiring very little installation.

What type of mirror do I need:

Full domes offer a 360 degree of a given area and provided the largest viewing area of all the domed mirrors. They are typically mounted directly to the ceiling by using screws through the pre-drilled holes in the flange. A 360-degree full dome mirror provide views or spots the human eye won't be able to see.

Half-dome mirrors provide a 180 degree viewing area and are typically mounted at the intersection of the wall and ceiling. The reflective image produced by the mirrored lenses provide a view of activity, even at a glance, to deter crime, prevent theft, and to avoid costly accidents.

Quarter dome mirrors, also known as corner mirrors are usually mounted at the intersection of two-walls and a ceiling. Fitting snugly in the corner, these mirrors allow oncommers to see traffic coming around a corner and avoid a collision.

What type of backing do I need:

We have three types of mirror backing available: No backing, treated hardboard, and stainless steel. If you are mounting the mirror indoors, in most cases, a backing is not necessary.  The backing is primarily intended to protect the lens from the environment.  However, iIf your indoor area is more humid than normal, we would recommend the treated hardboard backing.

Treated hardboard is another backing option. The hardened fiberboard is sprayed with a specialized weather resistant paint that protects the mirror from rain, sleet, snow, and other outdoor weather environments.

Steel backing looks nice and is also the most rugged choice. The galvanized steel will withstand even the most difficult environments.


What type of lens do I need:

When it comes to the type of lens, the choice is simple - standard acrylic or indestructable Duramir.

Acrylic dome mirror lenses are the most popular choice for many. The least expensive option, acrylic is light weight and durable while providing an excellent view. While the reflection quality is even with Duramir, the cost is the determining factor that many use to choose acrylic over Duramir.

The Duramir is equivalent to polycarbonate but lighter, more durable, and less expensive. Duramir dome mirrors are lightweight and virtually indestructible. We have tested these mirrors by driving cars and trucks over them, hitting them with a baseball bat, and trying to abuse them just about every way we could think of.

Exclusive to MirrorPros,the Duramir brand of security and safety mirror and the top-rated choice when you need a mirror in extreme conditions. Hospitals, prisons, parking garages, and many other types of locations all over the world have chosen Duramir for its resistance to breakage, whether by accident or by vandalism. Because it will not break, this brand is excellent for locations like day-care centers, grocery stores, or other areas where shards of glass on the floor would be catastrophic.

Duramir is also ideal for prisons and mental facilities, due to the fact it won't break and create sharp shards of material that could be used as a weapon.

What size mirror do I need?

In a nutshell, call us for help and we would be happy to help. The right size of a dome mirror tends to be a little confusing, especially when deciding on half and quarter dome mirrors. Click on the length of each mirror to see a sizing chart to help you select the right size you need.

How do I mount the mirror?

Depending on the mirror type, they are mounted using the pre-drilled holes in the flange, a t-bar or mounting bracket, or suspended from the ceiling using a chain and fish eye hooks. For details on the mounting options for each mirror, click the link for the specific type of mirror. Each mirror will have a link to the installation instructions and mounting options.


MirrorPros has been selling security and safety mirrors online for many years. As a trusted supplier for thousands of business all over the world, you can feel assured when you buy a mirror from us, you are getting a high quality mirror that will last you for years. We are so confident in our mirrors we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don't love the mirror, return it for a refund.