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Corner Mirror

AV12QL-B Brossard
  • Made in the USA
  • High grade shatterproof acrylic
  • For corners & intersecting hallways
  • 90 degree view
  • Mounts to ceiling at intersection of two walls

Available in the following Sizes:  12”, 18”, 26”, 32”, 36”, 48"

Not Yet Rated
AV12Q-B MirrorPros
  • 90 degree mirror with hardboard backing
  • Made in the USA
  • Shatterproof acrylic lens
  • Hardboard backing allows for alternate mounting with double sided tape, velcro or adhesive (not included)
  • Mounts to the ceiling in the corner of a wall.

Available in the following Sizes:  12”, 18”, 26”, 32”, 36”

Not Yet Rated
AV18QS-B MirrorPros
  • Corner safety mirror with galvanized steel backing
  • Made in the USA
  • Shatterproof acrylic lens
  • Can be used outdoors or in heavy duty applications
  • Galvanized steel backing allows for mounting with additional fasteners (not included) 

Available in the following Sizes:  18”, 26”, 32”, 36”

Not Yet Rated

SEC-PM-QD-18 MirrorPros
  • Quarter dome
  • Unbreakable Duramir lens Made in the USA
  • 90 degree view
  • Corner mounted for 2 way, “L” intersections and hallways
  • Excellent choice for shools, hospitals, prisons, care facilities & mental wards

Available in the following sizes: 18", 26", 32", 36"

Not Yet Rated

Corner Mirror For Blind Spot Coverage In Hallways, Intersecting Pathways & Offices

Do you have the dangerous intersection in your office or commercial facility where people are running into each other?  In your warehouse, do you intersection where there's potential accidents waiting to happen?  If so, we recommend a corner mirror.

A quarter dome mirror fits snuggly in the corner when two-walls and the ceiling intersect.  This high view provides you with an image of oncoming traffic.  A corner mirror provides a 90 degree view and is generally used for “L” or “2 Way” intersections. Also known as quarter dome mirrors, these mirrors are designed for mounting to the ceiling at two intersecting walls.

Available in many different sizes and three different types of backing, depending on your needs.  Where you are mounting a quarter dome mirror will typically dictate what type of backing you should choose.  Corner mirrors are mounted using pre drilled holes in the flange of the mirror, hardboard backing for applications where you wish to mount the mirror using adhesive or other fasteners (not included), and steel backing for industrial locations.

How to select a quarter dome mirror size:  You need to consider two factors when trying to decide on the right side mirror for your application

1) Make sure the size you purchase will fit securely in the area you plan to mount it in.  And here's the confusing part (call us for help) and we will use a 26'' blind spot mirror as an example.  Although this mirror is stated as a 26'' mirror, the actual width across the top of the mirror is 13'' for mounting purposes.  

Here's a quick reference for mirror sizing:

Available in 12” (6” across), 18” (9” across), 26” (13” across), 32” (16” across), 36” (18” across), 48” (24” across).

How to choose the lens type: Our corner mirrors are available with two different lens types, acrylic and duramir.  9 times out of 10 we would recommend the Duramir lens over acrylic because the Duramir lens type is virtually indestruntible.  Acrylic, however, is a little less expensive while providing excellent quality.

What type of backing should I use?  In most indoor situations we reommend the no-backing version.  Don't let the sound of economy, or no backing lead you to believe this is a lower quality mirror as that is simply not the case here.  Because the mirror will be mounted on the wall, you really don't need a backing anyway.  No one will ever see the fact it does not have an actual backing material.  Indoor protected environments pose not threats to the lens material.

If you have a environment that's more harsh, we recommend either the treated hardboard backing or a steel backing.  In temperated outdoor locations the hardboard backing will be adequate.  It is painted with a special weather-proofing paint that protects the wood fiber board against the elements.  For harsh environments like extreme wet conditions, extremely cold environments, or situations where vandalism may occur, we recommend the steel backing. This rugged galvanized steel will preserve your mirror investment will last a lifetime.

Choose from a corner mirror with the shatterproof acrylic or unbreakable Duramir lens. Our unbreakable corner dome was specifically designed for hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, care facilities and schools. The Duramir unbreakable lens will not shatter, break, crack or fail.

The image quality of a dome mirror:  We like to advise buyers that dome mirrors do an excellent job at providing a wide angle view of the reflected image on the lens.  The large curvature of the lens will distort the actual image, and the further you get away from the dome mirror the harder it is to see the details of the image.  What we tell customers is that a corner mirror, full dome mirror, or half dome mirror are great a showing objects, movement, etc., but if you are looking for details of the image, you might want to go with a convex mirror.  Not that you cannot make out images on a dome mirror but a convex mirror will provide more of a quality detailed image.

Need help selecting the right corner mirror for your application? Simply give us a call for assistance or or to place your order.