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Acrylic Convex Mirrors

R12-B Security2020

Indoor acrylic convex mirrors are economical yet durable mirrors for safety, security and surveillance use in applications indoors. Supportive hardboard backing and hardware included. Commonly used in convenience & retail stores, offices and warehouses as a safety convex mirror.  Acrylic and won't break very easily.  A great all-around security mirror.


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P-120-B MirrorPros

Outdoor acrylic convex mirror with a weather resistant backing and shatterproof acrylic conbex lens. For use indoors or outdoors under mild weather conditions. Ideal for use as an outdoor convex mirror in loading docks, garages, & gas stations and retail stores.


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P-120MR-B MirrorPros

Outdoor acrylic convex mirror with steel backing is tough, rugged and dependable. Shatterproof acrylic convex lens with heavy duty galvanized steel backing and hardware can be used in all weather conditions and industrial applications. Preferred for use as a traffic & driveway mirror and industrial convex mirror use.


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MAC-12-ABS MirrorPros

The Acrylic convex mirror for indoor/outdoor multipurpose use is great for schools, offices, commercial or home use. Acrylic convex lens with ABS Plastic backing is light weight yet durable & impact resistant. Easy to install and lighter than stainless steel models. Weather proof for use in all but the harshest of weather conditions.

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Acrylic convex mirrors are highly versatile safety & security mirrors for outdoor and indoor use.

acrylic convex mirrors

Technology keeps bringing new innovations but acrylic convex mirrors are still one of the most tried and true loss prevention and security solutions available today. The reason why acrylic is such a popular choice is because it provides excellent clarity, is shatterproof, lightweight and overall tough with good durability.

They are the most economical mirror choice with long term savings benefits as well.  They are the most common traffic mirror, driveway mirror, and overall security mirror sold today. 

Round convex mirrors with an acrylic lens is popular among people due to the number of applications where you can use this type of mirror.  They are affordable, lightweight yet one of the most highly effective devices for safety, security and surveillance. They help with theft deterrence, accident prevention and general surveillance.

Convex mirrors, which we commonly refer to as the workhorse of our security and safety mirrors come with four different types of lens materials.  

Backing Types:

  • No backing
  • Treated hardboard backing
  • Galvanized steel backing
  • ABS backing

No backing is a great economical backing type that should only be used indoors.  Although there is no backing for this mirror, it is easily mounted with the included mounting brackets.  Some may shy away from this mirror type when they hear no backing but the truth is most people will not see the backing anyway since they are generally mounted high on a wall, in a corner, etc.  No backing acrylic mirrors are not recommened for outdoor use or indoor use where humidity levels are higher than normal.  The backing material is only there to protect the mirror lens itself from the elements.

Treated hardboard backing is recommended for outdoor use and is generally our best seller.  The backing is a rigid fiber backing board painted with a specialized paint that protects the fiberboard from the elements.  If you need to mount an acrylic mirror outdoors, in warehouse, or just like the looks of a mirror with a backing over a mirror without a backing we recommend this backing type.  For harsh weather elements we recommend the galvanized stainless steel backing.

Steel is the toughest backing material available for outdoor use.  The galvanized steel ensures the mirror lens will be protected from extreme weather conditions.  For extreme wet or cold climates, this is the recommended backing type.  We also recommend acrylic mirrors with steel backing in situations where vandalism may occur.  Prisons, playgrounds, and parking garages are excellent locations for steel backing.  We also recommend this type for driveway mirrors and traffic mirrors as well.

Our top-rated products you will see on Amazon, for example, is the acrylic convex mirror.  Take a moment to read the customer reviews on this page as well as our helpful product review located in our customer service articles.  

How do I mount this acrylic convex mirror?

All mirrors are equipped with a swivel arm for mounting.  Depending on the diameter of the circular acrylic mirror, it may or may not ship with mounting brackets. The swivel arm is ideal for maximum adjustment.   Double mounting brackets (for extreme wind) are also available for certain models.  For specifics we recommend visiting each product type and see the available mounting options available is a pdf.

Why buy acrylic ?

Acrylic convex mirrors are available with a variety of backing materials and this backing material will determine where you can mount this mirror.  Our most economical choice is our indoor convex mirror.  This mirror has a durable shatterproof lens and lightweight hardboard backing which is not weather resistant.  Indoor convex mirrors are often used to view blind spot areas such as store aisles, office hallways, and warehouses. They are an extremely economical way to monitor areas of theft, production output and accident avoidance.
For indoor use or use outdoor use in mild weather conditions, the outdoor convex mirror has a shatterproof lens and treated hardboard backing that utilizes a weather resistant poly-coating applied to surface of the hardboard backing material. It offers better protection than the indoor acrylic convex mirror and can be used outdoors where it is sheltered from direct exposure to the elements.

The acrylic convex mirror with steel backing is the best choice for use in the most demanding weather and industrial conditions. This model has a shatterproof lens and heavy duty galvanized steel backing that will provide stability and protection in heavy rain, sun, winter precipitation and wind.  This is the best traffic & outdoor driveway mirror for use in all weather.

A popular model commonly bought by our customers is the acrylic convex mirror with ABS plastic backing. It's equipped with a shatterproof convex lens and shatterproof ABS plastic backing that can withstand all but the most demanding weather conditions. It is lighter than the steel model and can also be used as a traffic mirror where the weight of the mirror is not needed for stability in windy conditions

This category is for the Acrylic Convex Mirrors which is featured on this page with a choice of four backing types which we will cover below.

Why acrylic vs. glass?

Acrylic offers a crisp view.  While glass is the sharpest vision available, the image reflected by acrylic is great and most users will not be able to notice a difference.  Acrylic is lighter weight than glass and will not shatter or create shards.  Acrlic will slightly scratch a little easier than glass.