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Ceiling Domes

AV24DI-B MirrorPros

Ceiling dome that simply replaces a drop ceiling tile

  • Shatterproof acrylic lens
  • Reflective mirror
  • 22" dome
  • Available in 2'X2' or 2'X4' ceiling tile

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AV24SM-B Brossard

Ceiling domes with smoked lens for camera housings or as a fake CCTV dome

  • Smoked acrylic lens
  • Available in 9", 12", 18" & 22" Dome
  • Simply drops in a 2'X2' ceiling tiles
  • AV24SM one piece panel.
  • AV09SDI, AV12SDI, AV18SDI, AV22SDI two piece panel design
  • All models have a backlight shield (camera & camera mounts not included)

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AV18ST-B Brossard

Ceiling domes with acrylic see through lens

  • Clear acrylic lens
  • Available with 18" & 22" dome
  • Replaces a standard 24'X24" ceiling tile
  • Used for camera hosuing (camera, mounting hardware & backlight panel not included)
  • Also used for art projects

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Ceiling Domes For Suspended Or Drop Ceilings Easily Replace Standard 24"X24" Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling domes offer a very simple yet effective way to offer surveillance in applications with drop in or suspended ceilings. Simply replace a standard 2'X2' ceiling tile with a ceiling dome panel. We have several different 360 degree domes available for various applications.

  • Ceiling domes with mirrored lens - has a standard reflective surface just like a typical full dome.
  • Ceiling domes with smoked lens - black transparent lens. May be used to mount a real camera (hardware not included). Can also be used to give the impression that the area is under CCTV surveillance
  • Ceiling domes with see through lens - may be used to mount a camera, video equipment (mounting hardware not included) or for art projects
  • All models Made in the USA